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In order to take part in the project please click Add Topic or the + on the top of this page and use the format below in order to apply.

How to apply

Subject/headline: Language which you'd like to translate into: Your wiki username
Main Field:

* '''Your eRepublik Nick:''' Nick goes here
* '''Your eRepublik Link:''' [Link goes here twice: Link SPACE Link]
* '''Your real-life nationality:''' Nationality goes here 
* '''Do you have any wiki experience?:''' Yes/No (if yes then please state the experience)
* [[User_talk:Your_Wiki_Username]]


*'''Your eRepublik Nick:''' Plato
*'''Your eRepublik Link:''' [] 
*'''Your real-life nationality:''' eRepublikan
*'''Do you have any wiki experience?:''' Yes,I can be an active translator.
* [[User_talk:admin]]


Polish: Grzechooo


German: Wonne

German: Skalg

German: GazonkFoo


Serbian: House the Doctor

Serbian; Kk SSS

Serbian: Ikacar

Serbian: CuckoSRB

Serbian SvakoDobro

Greek: Efthimios_Pappas

Serbian: ZordanKV

Serbian: Dukke

Brazilian: Alessandro Halas CAT

Portuguese: Nunobaton

Turkish : Léon Reno

Italian: Riccardo Quarta

Bulgarian: Dimow Brando

French : Bonus12

Slovenian: Hoffman12

Greek: Athinaiooos

Portuguese: Bitorino

Macedonian: kiko19972.4chan

  • Your eRepublik Nick: Uber kiko
  • Your eRepublik Link:
  • Your real-life nationality: Macedonian
  • Do you have any wiki experience?: Yes, i've edited a couple of times although i haven't been that active on the wiki. Oh and i'm fluent in both english and macedonian. Including a couple of other languages.
  • User_talk:Uber kiko

Portuguese: 555.Back.From.Dead

Farsi : ma zi yar

Indonesian: Skyfury

Greek: Dimetrious


Bulgarian: E.Nikolov

Serbian: FireDragon

Croatian: Goran L

Spanish: Lady Antebellum

Turkish : Dalavera

Croatian: Benki987

Bulgarian; Elijah Abbot

Spanish: Duxx

Ukrainian: Oles Kurivchak

Serbian: amaro85

Slovenian: Ariston Darth

Bulgarian: Merklin

Turkish: bascavuszade

Romanian: XPowerballx

Albanian: Lisjani

Albanian: PlanetLab

Serbian: Dorcolac996

Serbian: McGinty.dc

Serbian: Free Area

Farsi: Mohammad Eajazi

Slovenian: Prome

Albanian: Arlind

Serbian: Van Sebe

French: Bis Bis


Indonesian - naelnoalnoel

French: Aermenaï

Spanish: eBelinda

Macedonian: Prince of Austria

Macedonian VlatkoMakedonski

Serbian: Milan Vuckovic

French - Dominic Morin

  • Your eRepublik Nick: Damhnaic
  • Your eRepublik Link:
  • Your real-life nationality: French-Canadian / Québécois
  • Do you have any wiki experience?: (English after) J'ai édité de nombreux articles en anglais sur l'eIrlande, j'ai aussi été l'auteur de nombreux articles wiki pour différents citoyens/partis politiques/unités militaires/etc. J'ai été l'éditeur officiel de la page de l'eIrlande pendant un bon bout de temps. Yes, I have been editing numerous article in english about eIreland. I've also been creating multiple articles about citizens/parties/MUs/etc. I was the official wiki editor for the officiale eIreland page for a while.
  • User_talk:Dominic Morin

Indonesian : kalkir

Russian : toeofdoom

Russian : Eugene_Just

Portuguese : Rui Forte

Ukranian : carpet15

Romanian : Artur Tventarnii

Portuguese : Squibeel

Bulgarian: Nights.Watch

Spanish: Aaron Cornielle.

Spanish: TrotskyLeon

Croatian: Gvozden00

Bulgarian: Master_of_Gods

Greek: Vasilis Karavias

Spanish: Captain Beyler

Macedonian: Crash and Burn

Hungarian: theface

Hungarian - Herbieh

Croatian: colour haze

French: Kyle Hyde





Indonesian: Corgiusky


Spanish: Slordak

Indonesian: Bond Guevara

  • Your eRepublik Nick: Bond Guevara
  • Your eRepublik Link:
  • Your real-life nationality: Indonesian
  • Do you have any wiki experience?: Yes, I just recently join erepublik wiki and I edit my first wiki page without any problem and my experience in wiki is still growing. Learning wiki editing is so interesting, cause it's very different with html/css editing and I'm happy learning it. No doubt about my translation, cause I'm leader of in-game Indonesian eRepublik translation team
  • User_talk:Bond Guevara

Farsi: virtual vendetta

Chinese:Anas Vella

Albanian / DArtagnann

Italian: Angelo Oliva Jr

Farsi: Boriani

French : InvertedFire

Polish: Magic Hereos

German: JaFe

  • Your eRepublik Nick: JaFe
  • Your eRepublik Link:
  • Your real-life nationality: german
  • Do you have any wiki experience?: yes, translating some eRepublik-Insiders back in the days. Unfortunately I wasn't active as an official wiki-editor before, but just gimme work and it will be done^^. As a native german english to german translations can be done.

Polish: Krzysztof Ibisz

Indonesian: Dimitri Mendeleev

Italian: Dark Thunder

Farsi: Drfoad

Farsi : Fagyan

Spanish: Borgesvive


Greek: Teobest1



cobra26 Albania No, but i know a lot because i have write some stuffs in :D