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This is a clean start on the page(s) about eGreece. On the Main page there should be only facts, the History, and any in depth information is going to be moved to the respected pages.

--- Note I am leaving here older comments since I dont have time to clean them up, I will come to them (and see what is relevant) upon completion of the reorg of the pages.

Democratic Imperial Japan

The section of the "Democratic Imperial Japan" makes false statements.
Japan is not "a place controlled by foreigners", in a game sense. This is a racist remark against non-ethnic Japanese people. He makes it appear as if we are a puppet government when this is not the case.
He is also self-proclaimed Emperor, and has no rights to be so other than his own words. This "Democratic Imperial Japan" is his loophole around getting something he does not deserve. I suggest this is deleted. --Tohru 20:12, 8 April 2009

I have marked the section as biased and will ask the author to address these issues. --QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 21:03, 8 April 2009 (UTC)
The part was edited by me (President of eGreece),because it had nothing to do in reality since it was a huge misunderstanding. --Makoulian 06:47, 9 April 2009 (UTC)
Edit is good. --QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 17:08, 9 April 2009 (UTC)
There was a long debate in eJapan, concerning the issue of Emperor.Let me explain the issue from the beginning.I believe it is nice to have Emperor in a state like that Japan. I thought it would increase the amusing part of the game. Before any elections, I asked in Japanese forum if there were any user willing to play this role. Nobody appeared, so I asked if I can play this role by myself. Still no comment was done. After that, I made a post proclaiming myself Emperor. Only after that post, Tohru shown interest for the position. (There was not any comment before this, even though the discussion about Emperor was for about one week). After, that, I changed my statement, and declared my self Candidate Emperor, willing to compete with Tohru for the position. Tohru shown no real interest for the position. I was asking again and again when are we going to decide this matter and no reply was given. After about one month, I was really tired to ask for elections, since nobody was shown interest, and self proclaimed myself Emperor, once again. After that, more users started to be against me. I asked why this, and asked to make elections to decide this matter. They told me that I am against eJapan, and I destroy the mood of eJapan, since I keep persisting this. Since no official settlement was decided, I think I have the right at least to know the official conditions about the matter or in any case elections to decide this. Nothing happened. At the end of this, a very kind user, who were supporting the forum of eJapan, appeared interest for the position of Emperor. I was the first one to support him. However, even in his candidacy most users were negative in polls. After that, really tired to see that eJapan makes no decision at all, my request is totally neglected and I was forced to quit my request without any official election, I decided to leave eJapan and create a new Japanese state. I think I have all the right to move to a different country and create a new state, if the state I am keeps ignoring me and abuses me. If you do not believe me, please join the forum of eJapan, and how rude users talked against me. I have never said anything offensive towards other users, but all the time I was forced to stop. I am sorry, but I can not consider this Democratic. I have no problem with foreigners at all, but I have problem with rude users. Before me, there were also some users who left eJapan for the same reason. By the way, the position of Emperor I was offering was not a political. It was something like to promote Japanese spirit in the forum. In a game like eJapan, I think I have the right to decide things, if others do not decide or refuse to decide. --HIZUMI 10:30, 9 April 2009 (UTC)
Oh, by the way, I do not know why my statements can be considered as insulting foreigners in Japan. I think I have all the right to oppose the actions of government in eJapan that I find wrong.I do believe that many foreigners who come in eJapan, come just for personal gains. I think I have the right to blame their bad actions and support the idea that they come in eJapan not for good reasons, since I do not agree with they decisions. I have not insulted any user for his nationality, religion, country or anything else. I just believe, there is a group of foreigners in eJapan who exploit eJapan, which is something I do not like and I am against. I do think they are against me, because they are afraid they will lose their power, if real Japanese users start play with eJapan. I am sorry but this is a fact, especially since eJapan's forum is only in English, and since my request to translate the forum in Japanese was always ignored.--HIZUMI 10:59, 9 April 2009 (UTC)
I think one thing that you are missing is the concept of "foreigners". People do not always play from their RL home countries in eRepublik. You cannot really call people foreigners in this game because we all are. Just because someone isn't in RL from a country doesn't mean that they will not play with the best of their abilities for that country in the game. You do not know their reasons for being in Japan and I don't even know how a virtual country can be exploited. I am sorry that people were rude to you in a forum, but that was in a forum. The wiki is an encyclopedia of facts and events of the game not a place to take out personal issues.--QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 17:08, 9 April 2009 (UTC)
Another problem also is the fact that HIZUMI ignores most of what people say, and twists it into what he wants to hear. I also said numerous times I asked to be Empress a long time ago, but he continues to make me out to be someone who only wanted it because he did. Long before he even joined the game I stated that I wanted to be Empress, but I didn't actually declare myself so until HIZUMI did, because it would have been rude otherwise. I also do not see how he was "abused", as since he was only 4 days old he was making demands and we simply didn't want to agree with them. Somehow that becomes us abusing him? --Tohru 01:21, 9 April 2009
Lincoln, at least do I have the right to be against the "Japanese" government for occupying Korea? This is enough to make be believe that foreign users come in eJapan just for personal gains. I think I have the right to express my opinion for this and form a state that is against the imperialistic government for this reason. I also have the right to self-proclaim my self Emperor, even if I do not have large support. Self-proclamation was a fact, so I think we should write down that it existed, but not recognized by majority. This is truth. I never said I was approved as Emperor of eJapan. I think all what I have stated are truth. --HIZUMI 05:37, 10 April 2009 (UTC)
Tohru, you know very well that I do not have problem if you disagree with me. I have problem because you use offensive words. You do not have the right to call others stupid and fool, even if you disagree with their opinions. You must learn to be polite. There were many users, especially the experienced ones, that disagree with me, but disagree in a polite way, why do you and some other users be so rude? --HIZUMI 05:37, 10 April 2009 (UTC)
Occupation of Korea began way before you were around, or I for that matter. It was not a pure conquest, there were reasons, at least according to those who were around then. Don't pretend to know what happened when you weren't around. And also HIZUMI, if you did more than just try to force yourself on us as Emperor you'd have read about how we've been discussing Korea. More I won't say outside the forums but, most of what you claim to be truth is simply because you don't want it to be that way. You have constantly lied and manipulated other people's words, and you don't expect us to use language? You were also the one who was rude first, stop pretending to be righteous. Another thing I don't get is that you claim to not be political but you make a separate political entity? I find that rather hypocritical if you ask me. --Tohru 09:40, 10 April 2009
I do not wish to make discussion with people who say I tell lies and manipulate words of others.--HIZUMI 06:14, 11 April 2009 (UTC)
"The current administration of eKorea does not wish for the return of the regions of the Korean peninsula currently under Japanese administration at this time or in the foreseeable future. The topic about this issue has been moved on our forums from 'Political' to 'general' as has your (Hizumi's) application for an embassy."
"Koreans DO value their freedom but freedom is not measured by the number of regions that make up a country! It is measured by the ability to live, work and exsist in a country under a government that is able and willing to listen to its people. You can start your resistance war but we would oppose it and fight for Japan to retain those regions - In the current strategic situation your proposal means the death of Korea and we will not support your desire to extinguish the light of our nation."
The only people who support having eKorea's region back are goons. Goons who want to ruin their country itself. So, shall we all call you a goon?
You came along to eJapan, and I believe somewhere around 2 weeks into the game you were pushing to be a mentor and hope to eJapan. I'm sorry but after 2 weeks you couldnt have this position, and eJapan decided against it. The world doesnt revolve around you. You have to listen to other people's opinions too, and in a democratic society majority rules.
It doesnt matter where we are from IRL, in eRep we are Japanese. Also our president is Japanese currently, so saying we are run by foreigners is a lie.
Ori said it best when...
"Lol even Koreans are against him and in traditional Hizumi style he keeps going on about it because its what HE wants, not what other want. Japan should give up its South Korean regions because Hizumi wants it, not because the majority of Japan wants it. Its all about you isnt it Hizumi."


This is a pretty messy looking page with a lot of old information in it. This is how I thought about reorganizing it:

- History

- Pre-Goon Era
- Capelli King
- Goon Era
- Turkish Occupation
- Independence and Greek Rule

Just brief blurbs on all of the above with a link to a new page, History of Greece

- Government & Politics

- Pre-Occupation
- Government-in-Exile
- Post-Occupation
- Parties

Again, short blurbs with a link to Politics of Greece

- Geography

- Greek Homelands
- Occupied Territories
- Borders

This and Economy can be more in-depth, maybe a separate page for Economy to go in-depth with the capelli printing

- Economy

- Capelli Hyperinflation
- Ikarti Deflation
- Modern GRD & Companies

- Military

- Organization
- Alliances
- Wars

- External Links

- Greek pages on eRep
- Greek forums

I want to remove the Japan thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with Greece and would be better served either outright deleted or on its own page.Nicolae Carpathia | PEACE Global Community | Talk 17:48, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

Political Parties Section

To all future editors, I have trasformed the table to a shortable one, so there is no need to change the party sequence through coding. I can see the problem with an order fixated upon a current ranking, since one need to press the arrow to re-short the table away from its coded original. To this end I am proposing an alphabetical original shorting. How does this sound? Asterios Chardalias 11:16, 15 January 2012 (PST)