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This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)

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The Genesis

In the ancient times, there was nothing but sand. Sand randomly evolving without time or space.

First Day

On the first day, particles of sand randomly formed a shape. Through conscious or unconscious choices of the sand, Dio was born.

There was nothing but the sand and Dio knew everything and could do everything through it.

Second Day

On the second day, Dio spoke and said "ZA WARUDO". And the sand moved and ZA WARUDO was created. And Dio felt good.

Third Day

On the third day, Dio took some sand of the newly formed ground and made the first Paki, Falcon.

Falcon opened his eyes and knew nothing, for he was not a god - but a Pakistani. And he saw and felt the sand. And Falcon was happy.

Fourth Day

On the fourth day, Dio mixed the sand and created everything that was good: Deserts, Mountains, Rocks, Heavy weapons and finally, he created Pakistan, a land where the best sand was everywhere. A pure and golden sand, warm and shiny.

Fifth Day

Falcon looked and was amazed by the beauty of Pakistan. Dio said: "thou arrest the very first Pakistani and you will be knoweth hath the GURETO VEEZARU of Pakistan". And Falcon did not understand for everything was perfect and needed no ruler. Dio knew already what would happen.

Sixth Day

On the sixth day, Falcon tried to imitate Dio, for he was made to look like him, but Falcon could not bring life to the sand and he looked sad.

Dio wished no manly tears for Falcon and he put Falcon to sleep. Took a bit of sand from him, and used less pure sand to form all the first Pakistanis. At the end of the process, there was no purer golden sand and Dio used some bad sand to create the last of the Pakistanis. This last Pakistani did so many horrible things that he is no longer called by his name, and it is forbidden to say its name out loud. Instead, Pakistani will use "The Unspoken One" or another disambiguation.

Seventh Day

On the seventh day, there was a partay with sand, pakigirl and everything. Everyone was happy and danced for Dio, everyone except for the unspoken one - for he had the seeds of evil in him. And he wanted to be Dio, but he had lust and misplaced pride. He was sad and felt like he was no Pakistani. He had not the gold and shiny of all the other Pakistanis.

Dio and all the other Pakistanis knew that, but tried not to reject him. They treated him like a fellow Pakistani and gave him sand. The seed of evil could not grow - for the sand was protecting him.

And for years, Falcon, the unspoken one, and everyone else lived well.

Dio was happy and said "These times shalt be knoweth as 'the peace' and this is how ZA WARUDO shouldeth and musteth always be."

The Pakistanis always cheered for Dio, but as they went to seek him the next morning, he had disappeared.