The Commandments

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Church of the New World

Church of the New World Logo

The Word of God

The Commandments · Moral Identity of the Old
The Seven Sacraments · Marmanism

Historical Events
The Great Invitations Disaster
Prominent figures
vaclav · kronas
miladmzz · Pierric Bross · Voltare

Commandments of the Church

The Commandments were shown to vaclav through the eyes of The One God. There are 13 commandments in total.

Commandments of God

  1. Obey the Word of God without question.

  2. Obey the Church of the New World as the true advocate of God on eEarth.

  3. Do not use the tongue God gave to man for foul purpose.

  4. Do not obtain wealth in ways contrary to good proper means and channels.

  5. Work hard for the Lord your God.

  6. Never blaspheme or commit heresy against God or his Church.

  7. Do not bare false witness.

  8. Love the Lord your God

  9. Do not commit murder

  10. Obey all authority above you, unless it is in opposition to the Word of God and the Church.

  11. Do not worship false God’s

  12. Partake in the Mass in remembrance of the Sabbath

  13. Do not covet what is on eEarth

Interpretation of the Commandments

  1. This is to mean that the Word of God is the true word’s of the Lord, and to go against it in anyway would be to break it.

  2. The Church is the true advocate of God and to go against it would be to break the Word of God and be in opposition to God’s will.

  3. Do not swear in the forums, in the media, to your brother, or to your enemy.

  4. Do not steal wealth from anyone or thing in any way shape or form. Only obtain money from work that is approved of by the Laws of the New World, and in the case of the Church, and other lawful groups, by donations.

  5. Do all actions in the name of the Church, and work not for yourself in greed, but God and his Church.

  6. Do not speak out against God or his Church, nor believe contrary to that of God’s one true Church.

  7. Do not lie to anyone for any reason no matter what it may be.

  8. Worship, serve, live and breath for God and him and his Church alone.

  9. Do not go to war unless it is Just.

  10. Obey all authority above you, unless it is in opposition to the Word of God and the Church.

  11. Do not worship anyone or thing but God, this includes the false God’s of man, Dio, and others, and the worship of items and wealth over God.

  12. Mass must be attended on the Sabbath day, and work should not be done until that time in which you have done so

  13. Do not strive for worldly goods, be one with God and seek only what he wishes you to seek, and be happy with the wealth you have.