The Daily Freedom

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The Daily Freedom

The Daily Freedom.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Owner Francis Hunyadi
Founded May 10, 2008
Subscribers 72
Articles 57
Content International News from around the globe. Politics, Business, Sport, and Entertainment

The Daily Freedom was an international newspaper written mostly in English. It had many provocative, fresh, funny, informative, but also insightful articles.

Francis Hunyadi, the owner of The Daily Freedom, was one of the first to sign partnerships with other newspaper owners, and TDF already has localized versions of its articles.

Partner Newspapers

The End

In early August 2008, Francis Hunyadi wrote the last article of The Daily Freedom:

The Daily Freedom
The last TDF article from Francis Hunyadi

Hello dear readers, i have to tell you something that might make some people sad, others happy.

After I got a death threat to my REAL e-mail address today, and after i thought about it, i realized that eRepublik is not fun anymore for me. It is recently about insults, offenses, and more... and i don't play any game in my spare free time to listen to these, or get these.

Thinking about that I was the one who asked at least 5 other players not to quit the game in the last month, i don't know if i should laugh or cry now.

I will be around until next month as I am the one who wanted to organize the International Knight Tournament, it is possibly also canceled. I will give the account access to Cromat, so it will be up to him if the event is successful or not.

I send the gold back to the registered people, the whole procedure has to be restarted.

Someone wrote not so long ago that the game would be more fun in a fantasy world, with fantasy names and such, I have to agree with that, national pride would not hurt others then.

I thank the readers, subscribers, Haglee, Belea2008/Geo, Cristesco, BB, Erwin Rommel, DomiBoss, MVerslayer, mappina, and every normal player for the time I still enjoyed eRep.

Currently The Daily Freedom is still one of the highest ranked (if not THE highest) International Newspapers, so I will offer if for sale for Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD, its a high sum I know, but I hope the person who is willing to pay so much for it is also willing to step into my footsteps in eJournalism and the style of writing.

You should to play the game with the thought in your mind that it is just a GAME, and it should be fun for you. If this is unreachable, then it is not worth your time.

This is Francis Hunyadi, saying farewell to all of you.