The United Republic Party

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation T.U.R.P.
Forum TURP Forums
Colors Red, White, Blue
Founded June 2013
Dissolved 2014
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

The United Republic Party(TURP) was a center-right, Authoritarian political party in the Icon-USA.png USA established in June of 2013. TURP was geared toward helping young and new players develop into the leaders of tomorrow. The party was ranked 9th in the nation and was led by Party President and founder Alexandrer Coin, who developed the parties constitution and by-laws which the party used to guide them on their path.

Party President History

Name Time Served
Alexandrer Coin June 2013 - January 2014

Alexandrer Coin, founder of The United Republic Party, has been re-elected every election since he established the party.

Party Leadership

The last known leadership (October 2013) and their roles were as follows:

Party President: Alexandrer Coin Following duties of Party President Preside over all meetings of the Cabinet, in the meta-game and beta-game. Oversee all events related to T.U.R.P. Call special meetings of the Cabinet, Appoint all committee members, and Chairpersons Serve as ex-officio member of all committees Represent T.U.R.P. at all Party President Meetings, Supervise all in-game Party events, and ballots.

Party Vice-President: Liam J. Gallagher Following duties of Party Vice-President Serve as Acting Party President if the Party President authorizes it due to an emotional compromise within in game, or is unable to fulfil his/her duties, either temporarily or permanently, and adviser to the president.

Chief of Staff: SwiftStrike74 Following duties for the Chief of Staff Is in charge of directing party education, legal and business matters. Shall operate all party businesses Shall maintain the T.U.R.P. Constitution and oversee all legal matters regarding the party. Shall run other activities as applicable under this section.

Director of Finance: JKeller4000 Following duties for Director of Finance In charge of maintaining all supplies, donations and the receiving and shipping of food and weapons to all players within the party and give in-game advice on taxes and market prices.

Director of Political affairs: Howie1991 Following duties for Director of Political Affairs Become Director Of Recruiting for T.U.R.P. Create updated Recruiting Letters Carry out all necessary correspondence for the Cabinet & Party. Shall oversee and coordinate the activities of the Department of Recruiting staff. Shall oversee efforts to mass mail every new eUS citizen and new member of T.U.R.P. on a daily bases. Shall craft and implement a recruitment and orientation plan.

Director of Media: Mr.Crusader Following duties of Director of Media in charge of public relations, media outreach, and inter-party Shall assist all candidates and party members with media contact. Shall draft party talking points when necessary. Shall craft and implement a public relations plan and maintain the image of the party to the public. Shall organize a weekly mass message to all members of the party.

T.U.R.P. Academy

When a new player joined T.U.R.P. they were automatically enrolled in the training academy. The Academy was established to help new players by providing information about the game and providing a mentor to help the new players. The academy covers curriculum in Alliances, Economics, Politics, Military and Combat. The Mentors are chosen by the Dean of the Academy (the last known was SwiftStrike74). Mentors are given basic topics and how they cover it is up to the mentor themselves giving each a different approach.

After graduating the academy, the soldiers would be promoted to the party military unit - The Revolutionary Army.