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This act defines:

•a 'Wikipedia Officer' (WO) to be an eCanadian Citizen who has volunteered to maintain a Wiki Page. •'maintain' to mean keeping up-to-date with current events. •a 'Wiki page' to be a page on the eRepublik Wikipedia. •an 'entity' to be an structured group of individuals (for example, a political party or a militia). •the 'Wikipedia Head Officer' to be an eCanadian Citizen who facilitates the work done by The Wiki Project. •the 'Wiki Project' to be the program of maintaining Wiki pages.

The Wiki Project Act

The Wiki Project Act outlines the structure of The Wiki Project, being a program whose goal is to maintain eCanada's Wiki pages, through the duties of those involved in the project.

The members involved in The Wiki Project:

•Wikipedia Officers: Volunteers who maintain Wiki pages. More details explained below. •Wikipedia Head Officer: Elected volunteer who facilitates The Wiki Project. More details explained below. •Minister of Education: Has a vote in who becomes the Wikipedia Head Officer. •Minister of Finance: Releases funds for Wikipedia Officer payment on approval of report written by the Wikipedia Head Officer.

Wikipedia Officers (WOs)

Wikipedia Officers are people who volunteer to take on the responsibility of maintaining one or more of eRepublik's Wikipedia pages that relate to eCanada. To volunteer to maintain a Wiki page, they must be a part of the entity that the page is related to (i.e.: they must be part of a political party to maintain that party's Wiki page, etc.). Wikipedia Officers will receive a payment, at the end of their term, for the work they have done.

Volunteering to be a WO At the end of the term, the WHO will put out a public call for volunteers to be WOs for the next term. Any Canadian citizen may put their name forward to be a WO for a stated entity. If there is more than one citizen who has put their name forward for a certain entity, they may either agree to work together to maintain the page or the leader of the entity may designate who the WO should be. These citizens who have put their name forward for WO will become the WO of the stated entity at the start of the new term if there are no issues.

The Wikipedia Head Officer cannot be a WO as well.

WO Term The term for the WOs will begin on the first day of each month and will end on the last day of the same month.

WO Payment If at the end of the WOs' term, they have maintained the Wiki pages that they volunteered for, they are entitled to a payment, in the monetary form of eCanadian currency.

Each Wikipedia page is assigned a monetary value, and the sum of the values of the pages a WO has maintained is their respective payment.

These values are only suggested values, the WHO may alter this value depending on the updates made to the Wikipedia pages. If a page does not require updating, or isn't updated, during a WO's term, the value of that page does not count towards the WO's reward.

If two WOs are working as a team to maintain a Wiki page, they will evenly split the value of the page between themselves at the end of the term.

The WHO is entitled to a similar reward, if they take the responsibility to maintain of one or more of the general eCanadian pages.

The values of each Wikipedia page will vary depending on the amount of work required to update the page.

•“1-Timer” Pages: Pages that only need to be updated once per term (for example, election results, Order of eCanada, etc.). These pages vary between six (6) and twenty (20) CAD. •“On Occasion” Pages: Pages that need to be updated whenever certain events happen (for example, Political Parties of eCanada, militia pages, etc.). These pages vary between ten (10) and thirty (30) CAD. •Region and Platoon Pages: Similar to “On Occasion” pages, but require much less effort to be updated. These pages vary between four (4) and ten (10) CAD. •“World Event” Pages: Pages which relate to a world event, which eCanada was a part of, will range in value depending on the effort and quality put into the page. The WHO will determine the final value of the page once it is completed.

See Appendix A for the suggested values of each Wikipedia page.

Distribution of the rewards will be done by the Minister of Education. The WHO will submit a report to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance, stating the rewards that each WO is to receive. The Minister of Education, after approving the report, will distribute the appropriate funds to each WO. The report of the distribution of the rewards will also be posted in the eCanada Wikipedia discussion board by the WHO.

Wikipedia Head Officer (WHO)

The Wikipedia Head Officer is the person that is elected by the Wikipedia Officers and the Minister of Education to facilitate this Wiki Project.

The duties of the WHO are to:

•Help the WOs understand their duties by providing all the required information for their roles. •Checking up on the WOs to encourage regular Wiki activity. •Maintain the appendices for this act. •Reviewing updated Wikipedia pages for the quality of work put into them. •Other actions, as seen fit, to further eCanada's Wiki pages through this Wiki Project


•The WHO may optionally take on the responsibility of updating one or more of the general eCanadian pages. •The WHO may assign one or more eCanadian citizens to be a WO for a “World Event” Wiki page, that eCanada was a part of. The WHO is then responsible for keeping a 'back-up' of these World Event Pages, which may be stored in the eCanadian Wikipedia discussion board, as a locked topic.

If there are no volunteers to be the WHO, the Minister of Education and/or the deputy Minister of Education will fill in to fulfill the WHO's duties until a WHO is elected.

WHO Elections When a new WHO is required, a call for volunteers will be made to the public, by either the previous WHO or the Minister of Education, allowing a minimum of three days and a maximum of seven days for volunteers to announce their intentions for the position. After the alloted time, the current WOs will vote on the WHO. The volunteer who receives the most votes from the current WOs becomes the new WHO.

In case of a tie, the Minister of Education* will cast the tie-breaking vote. If there is only a single volunteer, a vote of confidence is held, where the volunteer must receive a vote count of 50%+1 votes to become the WHO.

  • If there is no Minister of Education, then the Prime Minister (in-game President of eCanada) may vote in their place.

WHO Term The term of the Wikipedia Head Officer ends when:

•They resign. •A vote of non-confidence, between the WOs and the MoE, held in the Wikipedia Discussion forum, passes**.

    • To pass, a vote count of 50% + 1 is required.

WHO and WO Communications

The WOs and WHO may use the eCanada Wikipedia discussion board for all required purposes, including WHO votes, lists of entities and Wiki pages, Wiki page discussion, etc. The WHO will be assigned as a moderator to this discussion board.

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