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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

This article was selected by the Admin for inclusion to the wiki because of its general interest to the community and its high quality. The article may not meet the standards of neutrality.

The following article This is Hungary![1] was written by Quicksilver in her newspaper Legendarium. The goal of the article was to explain Hungary to the rest of the eRepublik community.

This is Hungary!

Inspired by the article by MoonlightShadow about the differences between the nations image IRL and in eRepublik; and also inspired about Kape's article about Sweden, I would like to give you all a glimpse of eHungary – as I see it.

I would be interested if others would make similar articles about their countries... who knows it might be interesting to read about each other, while we cannot have any fights with each other for now. :-)

MoonlightShadow cikkere reflektálva írtam ezt a kis cikket - azért angolul, mert elsősorban nem nekünk, hanem a külföldieknek szól. Egyfajta leírása annak, ahogy én eMagyarországot látom.

This is Hungary!

In short, we, eHungarians are argumentative, noisy, proud to the extremes, nationalistic and above all love breaking and keeping records. We would for example love if Spain and Mexico would finish their war, just so ours with Romania would be the oldest still going on – besides that war keeping a number of other records too, like the longest battle, the bloodiest battle, the most users online and so on - it is almost more important to us than the war itself. We also like to brag a lot about having at a time the only official kingdom on eRepublik, the biggest baby-boom, the most Media Moguls and a number of other, less sensational records in the game.

But back to facts and attitudes.

eHungary with the recent baby-boom is growing from a role of a small country into a power to be reckoned with. It is a fact and it is an attitude too – our ego was always big, but in a not too far future, we will have basis for it too. It is true that a few tanks do more damage than an average country’s population – but not when you compare a few Field Marshals to a few thousand Lieutenants and Captains. So time works for us, and we know it. I only hope we have the patience for it – it is not one of our strongest traits.

In heart most Hungarians are a bit anarchists too, even if they would never admit it. We cheerfully love disagreements up to the point of serious disputes and piques – only in great danger we truly unify and work together – but then we are really a force. Fortunately for others it rarely happens, we simply cannot resist a good argument, even if it goes up to a shouting match and insults that eventually lead to serious breaks.

Nationalist to the bone… you really shouldn’t get into an argument with a Hungarian about much of Europe’s history – we will always know it better. :-P Most Hungarians are fiercely patriotic and caring very little about other people’s perceived rights or history – the so-called great Hungary is about written in our collective heart, and game realities are really going against the grain for most of us – galling and frustrating at the same time.

Forgive and forget is simply not in our nature. You can insult a Hungarian and he will not show it – until the time comes and revenge will be done. Our memory goes far and loses no perceived insult whatsoever. In that we are willing to use all means to achieve, even though generally we have higher morals and stick to certain values. Also to be ridiculed, even in humor is the greatest insult one can make to us… our image is very important to us.

Paranoia might be a too strong word, but for sure a Hungarian will not likely to trust anyone easily. We always demand assurances and penalty clauses and trusting somebody’s word is not natural to us. Plainly we always suspect a deeper plot, and mostly we are right to. :-)

We have few true friends for our nature is not an easy one to bear with – only with Indonesians we built such ties as to be called a camaraderie, for with them we have no historical quarrels, no conflicting interest and most importantly no neighborhood; with Turkey, Poland and maybe Russia we have an IRL-spawned liking towards each other. With Romania we have a quite interesting love-hate relationship; its duality never ceases to amaze me, for it is truly unique - it is like we all feel the connection, but mostly we deny it from the bottom of our collective hearts – on both sides. :-)

So… take it or leave it: This is Hungary!