Three Day War

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Three Days' War
Map of Three Days' War
Date 13 April 2010 – –
16 April 2010
Location Nazareth North District, Haifa district, Tel Aviv Center District
Result Israel regains Haifa district, Turkish offensive halted
Territorial Changes Israel gets Haifa district back from Turkey
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Israel.jpg Franz Kafka Flag-Turkey.jpg BattalGazi

Israel and Turkey had had an open war since 11 November 2009, when then Israeli president JmatH had attacked Turkey, activating a host of PEACE GC MPPs against Israel and resulting in him being impeached. At the beginning of the Three Day War, the last battle in Turkey and Israel's open war had been on January 6th. On April 13 Turkey attacked both Tel-Aviv and Nazareth districts from Haifa district, an original Israeli region that Turkey had held for a very long time. This attack on Israel's original regions activated Polish, Romanian, and Malaysian MPP's against Turkey. Turkey's reasons for attacking Israel were given in an article by former Turkish president and Supreme Commander of Phoenix, BattalGazi. The grievances cited in the article, entitled 'Hey Israel', were the Jewish State sending peace proposals to Turkey and allegedly trying to pay Turkey's allies. The official EDEN newsletter on April 17th stated this regarding the war: "Turkey left the battlefield with one region less than it started with, and there is no reason to believe any further attack would fare any better."

Days One and Two

Israel won the first battle for Tel-Aviv that same day when the Turkish president retreated for unknown reasons. Turkey was quick to attack Tel-Aviv a second time. This time it was the Israeli president who retreated. Because Nazareth had been Israel's capital for months following the Israeli Independence War there were many more companies located there than in Tel-Aviv, making it the more important region. Retreating Tel-Aviv allowed Israel and her allies to concentrate their firepower on winning the battle for Nazareth, which was a success. Immediately following the Nazareth battle a resistance war, started by Greek Che Greco in Turkish occupied Haifa district, returned the region to Israel. Next a Greek attack on Tel-Aviv and a resistance war started by Israeli vice-president Perfect.Knight were both suppressed by Turkish forces.

Day Three

Israel, after securing Nazareth District, had the initiative in the war. The president of Israel attacked Tel-Aviv after the resistance war was unsuccessful. Tel-Aviv was the last Israeli region still being held by Turkey. This third and final fight for Tel-Aviv was the deciding battle of the Three Day War. If Israel won, then all five Israeli regions would be controlled by Turkey. With new MPPs being signed, Turkey would effectively be shut out of the small country. If Turkey won they would have the initiative in the war with Israel and Greece. They would also border with Greece and three Israeli regions.

The battle was an incredibly close one, with the Israeli side winning by less than 100,000. In the last minutes of the battle Israeli president Franz Kafka tanked to keep the wall underground. By the end he had done nearly thirty thousand damage. Turkey's loss in Tel-Aviv signaled the end of the war. At the start of the war, Israel had four of her original regions and Turkey had one of them. At the end of the war, all five original regions of Israel were Israel's once again.


Battle for Tel Aviv Center District

  • Link - Battle for Tel Aviv Center District
  • Result - Tel Aviv Center District has been secured by Israel. The President of Turkey has retreated from the battlefield.
  • Began - 13 April 2010
  • Ended - 14 April 2010
  • Hero for Israel- blackpanther76 (10352)
  • Hero for Turkey- Iroh90 (-7354)

Battle for Nazareth North District

Battle for Tel Aviv Center District

  • Link - Battle for Tel Aviv Center District
  • Result - Tel Aviv Center District has been occupied by Turkey. The President of Israel has retreated from the battlefield.
  • Began - 14 April 2010
  • Ended - 15 April 2010
  • Hero for Israel- Sleepwalker (-6419)
  • Hero for Turkey- Jeden (8122)

Battle for Haifa district

Che Greco started the resistance war in Haifa district and was the battle hero.

  • Link - Battle for Haifa district
  • Result - Haifa district has been occupied by Israel.
  • Began - 14 April 2010
  • Ended - 15 April 2010
  • Hero for Israel- Che Greco (-20349)
  • Hero for Turkey- flik_kenni (33117)

Battle for Tel Aviv Center District

  • Link - Battle for Tel Aviv Center District
  • Result - Tel Aviv Center District has been occupied by Israel.
  • Began - 15 April 2010
  • Ended - 16 April 2010
  • Hero for Israel- Franz Kafka (-27255)
  • Hero for Turkey- Meseriasu (10446)
  • Fighters (Israel) - 16681
  • Fighters (Turkey) - 13164