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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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The following is taken from the Top 40 Most Influential eAmericans: Survey Results that was written by Ananias in the American newspaper The eNation.

Top 40 Most Influential eAmericans: Survey Results

First off, thank you to each and every one of you who participated in the survey regarding the most influential citizens of the eUS. There were 42 respondents, of which 38 were eUS Citizens, 3 made up names and 1 dead person (go figure, resurrection just for my survey, truly miraculous). Based on the number of respondents I believe it is reasonable to say that this first survey was not nearly as successful as I hoped, but it did provide for a surprisingly wide range of influential individuals. Here are the top 40 (39+1 group), ties were resolved by giving 1 point for each elected to Congress, elected to the presidency, battle hero, resistance hero and media mogul. Then additional ties were resolved by experience points.

The comments presented with the names are actual comments from respondents.

Update: One of the respondents felt that it was important to mention that the survey provided the opportunity for each respondent to choose up to five individuals that they considered influential, and I screened the responses to verify that no respondents voted for themselves. Therefore the list below is generated from approximately 200 individual nominations provided. - Again, next round, my desire is to see the survey receive at least 500 individual nominations (100-120 respondents). Thank you!

The results:

1. scrabman - He's been in Congress for a long time and is now president. For my entire time here in Erep he's been active, responsible, civil.

2. Justinious McWalburgson III - Well, he was most influential for me. He has his fingers in everything: Economics, script writing, politics, newspapers, Atlantis. He'd have his fingers in the military if they would let him. **Or my personal favorite: Love him or hate him, you can't escape him.

3. Uncle Sam - Former US President with one of the most subscribed newspapers.

4. PrincessMedyPi - Because everyone loves her.

5. Moishe - He helped to shape military policy early on in V1 and is now VP. A fruitful and influential career indeed.

6. One Eye - Without him, we would hard. He influences almost every policy decision.

7. Benn Dover - One of eAmerica's most popular presidents, and since he was the first elected President of V1, he is among the most influential.

8. Desertfalcon - One of the most polarizing political figure, Desertfalcon brought organization to the Conservative Party and has had an impact (no matter how big or small) on every Presidential election that he has taken part in.

9. Ananias* - Is a great example of a thoughtful player. His opinions are valued in across the political spectrum. Though it was nominally a political article aimed at supporting Scrabman, his article on setting goals for winning has been influential among game-thinkers and players.

10. Leroy Combs - Although he is quiet, he influences this country more than any other as CIA director and, as of yesterday, the Secretary of Defense. He is the man that protects us from foreign invaders, but his influence extends so much further than that, and he is the most trustworthy person I know in the eUSA. **Or my personal favorite: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

11. Emerick - Troll? Seer? Rude? Lulzy? Yes, he's all of these. He's a fine player and full enough of piss and vinegar to inspire and frustrate a whole industry of smart asses. He's the most poetic and one of the most prolific citizens. Yeah, that's influence too.

12. Eugene Harlot - The man is a military genius, and he knows exactly what to say when you say something stupid. Not too many people argue back with him, because he's usually right. You might not like what he has to say, but it's hard to deny it.

13. Joe DaSmoe - He's always had a huge following by both the military and new citizens.

14. Publius - He's a big force behind PANEC, in the Economic Council, and SADD. He's a data person, python person, and reasonable person. He's active. All these things add to to influential and effective in my book.

15. Tiacha - She is by far the most level-headed person in this nation, and always open to bipartisanship in Congress. Plus she's awesome.

16. Michael Lewis - Why ML? Even though he is taken as a joke by most, everyone knows his name. Which speaks for something.

17. Kyle321n - Kyle's the speaker of the house and is regarded by both military and political figures alike for his knowledge and activity.

18. Pearlswine - Pearl gets data that no one else can get. This information feeds the movers and shakers of Erep and steers the direction of the eUS. That's influence.

19. Alby

20. Jewitt - Popular economic counselor.

21. john woodman - He is helpful and friendly to all. he is a true leader in everything that he does. from the military to Congress to just being a friend, he exemplifies a real leader.

22. HeadmistressTalia - Cause she's smart and works her ass off.

23. Istarlan - Awesome, top of the eNG

24. NeilP99 - He is never afraid to say what he believes is right and wrong in America and the New World.

25. ghvandyk - He started a populist uprising...he's the voice of all eAmericans!

26. Claire Littleton - She's just burst on the scene but boy has she made an impact! Her articles are always highly ranked and she's put her unique stamp on Congress.

27. ProggyPop - He leads the most powerful party in the USA. With enough party garrison, he can bloody control the USA.

28. John Jay

29. greecelightning

30. Nathan Woods - Nathan was one of the founding fathers of the Nationalist party and serving 3 straight PP terms. He displayed great campaigning skills in his run for president even without a Top party endorsement gained nearly 300 votes.15.

31. William Shafer

32. NoneSuch

33. MoDog

34. ClammyJim

35. Nave Saikiliah

36. shoepuck

37. SamWystan

38. Henry Baldwin

39. Queball_ Jenkins

40. 2-Clicker - the 2-clicker has more power then they think.

Thanks to all the respondents. The asterisk beside my name denotes that I recognize that as the author of the survey the results are skewed, still, I am honored and thankful to be on the list. I will do another poll in a couple of weeks and hope to increase responses.