Turkey-Israel War

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Turkey-Israel War
Map of Turkey-Israel War
Date 12 April 2008 –
-16 April 2008
Fights 114
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran Volunteers

The Turkey-Israel War was the first military conflict to break out on the Asian continent in eRepublik, resulting in the annexation of all Israeli territory until 2009. Israeli military and economic weakness was widely acknowledged to be responsible for the disaster. Turkey also received much criticism for its actions, and the conflict was ultimately one of the catalysts of the Balkan Wars.

Prior to the war, the Shah of Iran, Aryamehr, notified the Israeli President about the Turkish threat. During the war itself, the Shah unofficially sent Iranian soldiers to Israel to fight against Turkish forces. Volunteers from all around the world also participated to defend Israel. However, concurrently with the invasion of Israel, the United States and Canada had begun to engage in hostilities in what many consider to be the first 'big war' of eRepublik, drawing most international fighters to North America.

Battles Fought 5 (Turkey 5 vs Israel 0)
Fights Won Turkey 47 vs Israel 39
Draw Fights 28
Total Fights 114