Ultra-Nationalist Party

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Ultra-Nationalist Party

Party-Ultra-Nationalist Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation UN
Forum Forum
Colors Red, White, Blue
Founded End of 2009
Dissolved Unknown
Members 32
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian


Lost Past

Little is known about the party's past. The_Phoenix claims to have founded the party but has never mentioned anything particularly important about the party's past.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President Votes Percentage Presence
15 November 2009 Beachsand 7 100% 28%
15 December 2009 The_Phoenix 4 100% 16%
15 January 2010  ? 0 0% 0%
15 February 2010 Joseph Scarn 7 100% 28%
15 March 2010 Glove 11 45.5% 44%
20 March 2010 The_Phoenix de facto ----- -----
15 April 2010 Joseph Scarn 9 55.65% 28.12%
15 May 2010 Joseph Scarn 9 100% 25.71%
15 June 2010 messiniacnoahide 7 100% 28%
15 July 2010 rootbeer123 3 100% 15.79%

Shortest Reign

On March 15th 2010, Glove won the party election by a very narrow margin. Five days later, Glove was asked to leave his position. Glove left and cited the reason of his departure being that he was summoned for "a greater calling".

Name Change

When The_Phoenix regained power, after inheriting power automatically from Glove's departure, he changed the party's name to The National Socialist Party. The name change stirred up much debate and it was Glove's and Scarn's idea to change it back when Scarn would run for the party presidency unopposed in the next election.

Ultra-nationalist Manifesto

We, the Ultra-nationalist party of these eUnited States, in order to promote strength, prosperity, and power, present this manifesto:


The Ultra-nationalist Party encourage extended campaigns of conquest for several reasons. First to reduce these complex events into simpler terms, the more regions we have, the more income we get. Second, the more territories we take from our enemies, the more we weaken their fighting capabilities. Third, war encourages the use of guns and other items, thus stimulating the market. Finally, war is fun; we cannot sit in our Q5 Fortress states and let our population rot. We must be ambitious and be actively seeking war. First we shall fight to free our conquered friends, then we must fight to conquer those who oppose us.

Of course we are bound to fail at some point in our conquests. However our ambitions have no limit, from the coast of Florida, to the sands of Pakistan! Failure is nothing to fear. We must meet it in full confidence, each defeat will make us stronger. The triumphs of our enemy should be a rallying call for more participation and better organization. Only through war can our faults be exposed. For every battle we lose, it will only better allow us to understand where our weaknesses are. We shall turn our weaknesses into our strongest points, and our strong points into even stronger points!


So long as our Allies fight and shed blood for us, we shall return the favor. We shall stand and fight with our brothers even if it means our own destruction. Our allies have sacrificed much for us, and it is only fair that we return the favor. Our nation was nearly wiped out once upon a time, but our allies continued to fight and we as a nation pulled together and fought back the aggressors. We are in debt to our allies and as we will never be able to pay back this debt, we still must try.


The United States must do all within her possible to strive forward and become the world's unquestioned superpower. In order to achieve this goal, it all begins with the players. From Field Marshals to Privates, every player has an impact. Whether this impact is big or small, it is an impact. When these impacts are collectively organized and concentrated, their strength cannot be unmatched, We must unite the players and fight for a common goal in order to dominate militarily, financially, and diplomatically.


We must strip our enemies of their land. More specifically, we must strip our enemies of their high-resource lands. It is through these lands that profit is made, It is profit that drives our enemies war-machines. These lands must be seized and utilized for our own conquests.


The Ultra-nationalist party advocates diversity in the United States' politics. We as a Party are willing to cooperate in order to reach a common goal. We believe all parties should have a voice. However as our goals are all aimed at supporting the United States; we will refuse to cooperate with any party who does not believe in supporting the United State's well being.

—Glove, Mar 20 2010, 08:29 PM

Evolution of Party