Union des Libres Penseurs

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Union des Libres Penseurs

Party-Union des Libres Penseurs.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-France.jpg France
Abbreviation ULP, l'Union
National rank 3
Newspaper Le Libre Penseur
Forum Lien Forum
Colors Bleu Blanc Rouge
Founded avril 2010
President Gigilatrik
Vice President Creon Mista
Secretary General Al Riconinn tto
Councillor aguellid
Spokesman gibus69
Members 33
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 18%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The party was founded by aguellid with the help of the first French free thinkers: kreuziger, georges_habidbol, giovane massena, mikoi, moapremier and a lot of young citizens. It has grown very fast and produced a presidential win in only 3 months of existence. Thanks to the work of all members who build the programs together.

More information is available in the French version of the article.