United Constitutionalists Party

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation UCP
Forum Forum
Founded June 2008
Dissolved February 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds GameFAQs Party
Succeeded By United Independents‎ Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The United Constitutionalists Party was a political party in the USA. It was renamed the United Independents Party in February 2009.

The UCP Official Forums / Member Services

MyUCP.com This was the center of the UCP's activity as everything went through forum.

 All UCP members are urged to register and get active on the Forums. 

A Word From The President's Office

 Someone asked me recently what the UCP stood for and what our direction was in the US and told him what I honestly felt, and now I want to share it with you.

I can't speak on behalf of everyone in my party and I like it that way. Since the inception of the UCP I have striven to make the party about the individual party members, we are a strong group of people with our own unique opinions, ideas, and political views, and I believe that makes us stronger. We do believe in a Constitutional system of government and work on making the proper amendments to the one we have now. Our direction is to remain pertinent, strong, and have a voice in the political field of the US. We aren't looking at taking over and always strive for a balance of power. 

The Awesome Voices of The UCP

 America's Wondrous and Excellent Site Of Members-of-congress and Exemplary-citizens

That's us. 

 America's Most Awesome Party 
(UCP Member Consensus)
 The UCP is so full of win, we take it personally when the country fails. 
 We are many people, we come from many paths and have all made our personal choices, we all have seen the hills and valleys in our lives, but we are one group of people striving to make the world we live in a better place for everyone. 
 I want to help the UCP and take part in USA politics now that the possibility to do so has been expanded a bit. I know for a fact that I can do it, I am not a fool who throws proposals away and does not listen and discuss before using them or voting on them. I'm also not a sheep who is going to fall in line with the President or the Party if I really feel I have to do something, but I chose this party because I don't feel I will be put in that position. I don't really like parties, but I joined this one because you guys seem simultaneously rational and not ridiculously serious about everything. I am extremely active, I work for the army gifting wounded soldiers after war, I run a company with my brother, I believe I can do a good service to the UCP/USA, and I am reliable. 

Old Mission Statement

We at the UCP are a group who wish stand apart. We believe in a constitutional system of government and believe in having an independent and free political environment.
In all things we believe that united we are stronger, as a nation and as a party.
We believe that the best way forward is to take the time to help everyone around us, both new and old.
We have our own personal beliefs, but these remain true to us all.

Government Positions

The following is all members of the UCP and the positions that they hold in the United States Government.

Cabinet Positions

Current Congressional Members

Military Positions

 All UCP Members PM your Party President with your military standing to be added to this list 


The United Constitutionalists Party started in early 2008 as the GameFAQs Party, formed by members of the GameFAQs forums. After the election of Justinious McWalburgson III to party president, the party changed its mission and name to become more welcoming to all members of ERepublik.

As the face of the game changed more before and after the release of V1, with more new players in other parties, and with less participation from old members of the GameFAQs Party, the new UCP's power in US politics fell slightly in the wake of the political power houses of Lib and USWP, and was generally regarded as about the third or fourth most powerful party in the United States.

Party Presidents

  • UCP Party Presidents
  1. Angrr (Jan 09 - Feb 09)
  2. Justinious Mcwalburgson III (Jun 08 - Dec 08)
  • GameFAQs Party Presidents
  1. ExoM7 (May 08 - Jun 08)
  2. InfernoSD (Feb 08 - May 08)
  3. Joseph Salute (? - Feb 08)