United Cyprus Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Cyprus.jpg Cyprus
Abbreviation UCP
National rank 3
Forum #cyprus_gr
Founded Summer 2011
President Sergeant Spring Goat
Vice President Vash.the.Stampede
Secretary General Mst Splinter
Councillor Undo14
Spokesman Black Mamba GOAT
Members 12
Congress Occupancy 4/40 seats, 10%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

United Cyprus Party is the oldest still active and one of the largest parties in Cyprus.


At its peak, in October 2012, when the party was the largest, it was more than two times bigger than the Socialist Party of Cyprus. This party dominated for many years in Cyprus and always had the final word. Members of the United Cyprus Party are Greeks and Turks together.


  • All party members are friends with a priority to have fun through this game while protecting Cyprus
  • Party cares for Real Life Cypriots and other minorities of the island
  • With Unity no-one can touch Cyprus


  • Was the largest party in Cyprus for several periods during its existence
  • The first Cyprus party containing a Military Unit (United Cyprus Army) that organized supplies to its members

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