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General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation UIIP
Website The UIIP
Newspaper UIIP Press Office
Organization UIIP Official Org
Forum unitedindependents.us
Colors Dark Blue and Light Blue
Founded July 2, 2010
Dissolved November 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /37 seats, 0%
Succeeds The Israeli Democratic Party
Succeeded By United eIsrael
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The United Israeli Independents Party (UIIP) was a political party in Israel that believed in national unity, a strong and safe eIsrael, independent thinking, and having a good time. Focused on national service and citizen education, The United Israeli Independents Party pushed for clean government, responsible national leaders, good ideas ideas over personal politics, and for the continued strength and safety of the state of eIsrael. It was an independent branch of the United Independents Party of the eUS.

The Israeli Democratic Party was founded on July 2nd, 2010. It became the United Israeli Independents Party on July 16th, 2010 by CRoy.

In 2010, The UIIP was the second largest party in Israel, counting around 80 members.


The UIIP succeeded the IDP, the Israeli Democratic Party. It was founded in the days leading up the the July 2010 Israeli Presidential election by CRoy with three goals: build national unity, develop new players into future country leaders, and encourage community involvement. CRoy also believed that adding a third candidate into the two-way election campaign would be a great way to stimulate activity and encourage a more policy-centric national debate.

The IDP supported long time eIsraeli and former CP candidate Aeroner, who had earlier bowed out of the July race to allow current CP Franz Kafka to run as the Shalom candidate. At the time of the elections, the party had around 18 members, if that, but we managed to pull in 49 votes for Aeroner in the election.

The IDP built upon this success by growing more during the days between the CP and PP elections than any other party, despite lacking a forum, a constitution, a developed recruiting program, or any other basic party structure. So, it began working on these things. Great friend of eIsrael Jamarcus returned to the country to begin this process, and the idea for the UIIP was born.

Partnership with the UIP

The UIIP has teamed up with the United Independents Party of the eUS. It is a perfect match. Many of their past and current members have strong ties with eIsrael (Jamarcus, Joshua Hoss, Kazeal, StygianSteel, Pikezh638, Jewitt, and many more), and the ideals of the UIP align seamlessly with those of the UIIP. The UIP believes in national unity, independence of thought, and having a party (as in have a fun time at the party dude!). These three things were exactly what CRoy envisioned when creating a new eIsraeli political party, and are three of the four central tenets of the UIIP mission statement. The other? Dedication to eIsrael.

The UIIP operates as an independent branch of the UIP. The partnership between the UIIP and the UIP involves sharing forum space, providing members access to UIP programs and educational opportunities, and sharing a limited amount of resources (like the amazing logo created by Shino336). Most of all, this arrangement will significantly strengthen the ability of eIsrael and educate and retain new citizens. If we weren’t sure of this, this partnership would not have been formed.

Again, The UIIP is an independent branch of the UIP. We are made up of eIsraelis, and we are dedicated the strength, growth, and safety of eIsrael above all other domestic and international concerns. The UIIP controls its own destiny.

Last known leadership

As of August 31st, 2010, this was the last known leadership of the UIIP.

The CEREAL Council

Party and Council President: CRoy

Council Members: Jamarcus, Thain Peretz, Robbie Lizzini, Illithian

General Cabinet

Secretary of Communication: eOnix

Secretary of Community: Sam Krakower

Legislative Secretary: Rheinlander von Phalz

Forum God: Robbie Lizzini

Chief of Fun: yibgib

Sub-cabinet staff

Deputy Recruitment Cheif: Frodo Malinowitz

Military/eIDF Liaison: SayeretMatkal

Hebrew/FXP Liaisons: arielcehana, Shenkler

Official Head of Translation: Shenkler

Deputy Communication Secretary: Shenkler

Roll Call helper: saymonxster


Country Presidents

On September 5, 2010, UIIP member Aeroner was elected President of Israel.

He is the first UIIP member to be elected to the highest office in the country.

Country Presidents Tenure Note
Citizen1674547.jpg Aeroner September 5, 2010 Present Elected with 63% of the vote

Party Presidents

CRoy has led the UIIP since founding.

Party Presidents Tenure Note
Citizen3457808 v2.jpg CRoy 2 July 2010 15 October 2010 Founder
Citizen1567258.png eynetane 16 October 2010 15 November 2010 Last PP of UIIP

Members of the Knesset

June 25th Election

The UIIP/IDP was formed after the June 25th election, so it's June 25th members are those who joined the party at some point afterwards. Aeroner joined the party the day it was formed, mrsjholiday shortly after, and Sam Krakower joined a few days before the July 25th election. Aeroner and Sam Krakower were originally elected as members of the Lantern Society. mrsjholiday was originally elected from the Shalom Party.

Icon - Congress.jpg June 25th (Partial Term w/UIIP)
Members of the Knesset
Citizen1674547 v2.jpg Aeroner Beersheba South 11
Citizen1690357.jpg mrsjholiday Beersheba South 7
Citizen1873239.jpg Sam Krakower Beersheba South 6

July 25th Election

In the July 25th Knesset elections, the UIIP's first as a party, the UIIP ran eleven candidates for the forty member Knesset. All eleven UIIP candidates won the elections, even Wade Seagrave, who won in Haifa with zero votes. This was because only six citizens ran in Haifa while seven citizens are elected from each of eIsrael's five districts (plus five wildcards). For this reason, the July 25th session also started out with only 39 Knesset members instead of 40. Aeroner received the most votes in all of eIsrael with seven more than the second place candidate. The UIIP also had the first place candidate in four of the five districts. The only exception to this was Nazareth North, where the UIIP came in second and third place.

The UIIP also received the second most votes out of the three parties with candidates. Despite being only 49 members large at the time of this election, the UIIP received 45 votes in total. This was 5 more than the 40 votes received by the 203 members United Zionist Party, and only 11 votes less than the 123 member Shalom Party.

Icon - Congress.jpg July 25th
Members of the Knesset
Citizen1674547 v2.jpg Aeroner Beersheba South 17
Citizen3457808 v2.jpg CRoy Jerusalem 6
Citizen1161482.jpg Jamarcus Tel Aviv 4
Citizen1567258.jpg eynetane Nazareth North 3
Citizen1690357.jpg mrsjholiday Nazareth North 3
Citizen1873239.jpg Sam Krakower Haifa 3
Citizen2145038.jpg conchis1 Tel Aviv 3
Citizen1946769.jpg MetalliDeth Tel Aviv 3
Citizen3561447.jpg Frodo Malinowitz Haifa 2
Citizen1482898.jpg dudi2s Haifa 1
Citizen1218706.jpg Wade Seagrave Haifa 0

August 25th Election

The August Knesset elections saw an increase in votes, winning candidates, and voting coordination for the UIIP. Eight UIIP members were re-elected. This includes Sam Krakower who ran in the Israel First Party and Thain Peretz who joined the UIIP from the UZP in the time since the July elections. The UIIP also elected five new eIsraeli citizens and party members: Rheinlander von Phalz, Illithian, Joey Jackson (who had been an eIsraeli citizen in the past), eOnix, and Livelie.

The UIIP again received the second most votes out of the four parties with candidates in the election. This month the party had 78 members at the time of the election, 58 votes were cast, and 12 candidates were successfully elected, amounting to 30% control of the Knesset. The number is 13 if Sam Krakower is counted, as he rejoined the party after the election.

There were a number of voting irregularities in the August election. Some of these are documented in an article by CRoy that was published on the day after the election - "I Smell Some Spoiled Cereal"

Icon - Congress.jpg August 25th
Members of the Knesset
Citizen3457808 v2.jpg CRoy Beersheba South 6
Citizen1567258.jpg eynetane Nazareth North 5
Citizen1764942.jpg Rheinlander von Phalz Beersheba South 5
Citizen1914844.jpg Illithian Nazareth North 5
Citizen1674547.jpg Aeroner Beersheba South 5
Citizen1161482.jpg Jamarcus Tel Aviv 3
Citizen1393348.jpg Joey Jackson Tel Aviv 3
Citizen1253364.jpg Thain Peretz Jerusalem 3
Citizen2145038.jpg conchis1 Tel Aviv 3
Citizen2390875.jpg eOnix Haifa 1
Citizen3561447.jpg Frodo Malinowitz Haifa 1
Citizen1580953.jpg Livelie Haifa 0

Mission Statement

Mission Statement is nearly identical to that of the United Independents Party, with the addition of a section about our dedication to eIsrael.

UNITED - It is through unity that we find strength as a party. We are united in a desire to put the good of the country before the good of our party. We are also united in our belief in the importance of equal opportunity and free speech. We believe that debate and open competition of ideas is critical in helping to determine the direction of both our party and country. We uphold the importance of friendliness, helpfulness, and charity, believing that people are more important than politicking. Our goal is to move the nation forward together in the best possible way, and to define that way through the intelligent debate.

ISRAELI - We pledge to put the best interest of eIsrael ahead of ourselves and our party. This is critical to our national unity, development, and survival. We accept members from all backgrounds and all countries, but we expect all to put the good of eIsrael first in their eHearts and eMinds. We are dedicated to the existence of an eState of Israel in eRepublik, and when we are threatened as a nation, we will seek to ensure eIsrael’s survival above all other personal and party concerns.

INDEPENDENTS - Our party recognizes the foundational importance of individualism and free thought. Our party makes no member requirements based on political ideologies. We reject the notion of a "hive mentality" and stand as a party for those who don't wish to be part of a mindless conglomerate. We recognize the value of every party member, and are committed to supporting candidates and leadership solely on the basis of individual merit.

PARTY - We are committed to having a good time! We strive to create a positive atmosphere where all people, both members and non-members alike, feel valued and welcomed. Our goal is to not simply be a party, but a community that will help keep everyone motivated and entertained. We pledge to work hard to in trying to be genuinely helpful to our party members, our fellow citizens, our nation, and our world.

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