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United Kingdom
Flag of United Kingdom   Coat of Arms of United Kingdom

On the map

General rank 33
Country power 588
Anthem God Save the King
Capital Yorkshire & Humberside
Language English
Population 311
Average level 99
President Huey George
Party W orkers' Rights Party
Political titles
vCP wingfield
MoD 11ue
Governor Huey George
MoEd Select28
Currency Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British Pound (GBP)
Minimum salary Flag-United Kingdom.jpg 1.00 GBP
Average salary Flag-United Kingdom.jpg 3480.78 GBP
Food bonus 70%
Weapon bonus 0%
House bonus 25%
Aircraft bonus 5%
Territories 8
Natural enemy Brazil
IRC #euk

Map of United Kingdom

Last update 5 June 2023

The Icon-UK.png United Kingdom (commonly known as the Icon-UK.png UK) is a twelve region nation bordering eight other states. This unusually large number of borders historically made the UK a key strategic crossroads between Europe and North America.

Currently, the Icon-UK.png UK holds a weapon bonus of 25%, food bonus of 70% and a house bonus of 25% in its core regions.

The UK has been part of many military alliances and has traditionally had the most people involved within alliance leadership. Currently, the Icon-UK.png UK is a pursuing a policy of neutrality.

Region Resources National Borders
London Icon - Fish.png NONE
East Midlands Icon - Saltpeter.png NONE
East of England Icon - Iron.png Netherlands & Belgium
North East of England Icon - Limestone.png Denmark
North West of England Icon - Aluminum.png NONE
Northern Ireland Icon - Clay.png Ireland
Region Resources National Border
Scotland Icon - Wood.png Denmark, Norway & Canada
South East of England Icon - Cattle.png France
South West of England Icon - Grain.png USA, Canada & France
Wales Icon - Deer.png USA, Canada & Ireland
West Midlands Icon - Oil.png NONE
Yorkshire & Humberside Icon - Rubber.png NONE


In its natural state the Icon-UK.png UK elects 40 congress members per month to serve in the congressional body and like many nations its Country President is seen as the focal point of that nation for all political activity and Foreign contacts.

Country President

The Country President of the Icon-UK.png UK is the head of the Government. He or she appoints and manages the Ministers who perform the day-to-day administration of the country.

The current Country President is Huey George of the Workers' Rights Party who is serving his forty-fourth term in office.

National government

Seal Position Name Newspaper
Seal of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.png President Huey George Prime Minister's Office
Seal of the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.png Prime Minister [VACANT] [NONE]
Seal of the Ministry of Defence.png Ministers of Defence [VACANT] MoD News
Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.png Minister of Foreign Affairs [VACANT] UK Foreign Office
Seal of the Ministry of Information and Education.png Minister of Education [VACANT] Department for Education
Ministry of Home Affairs (United Kingdom).png Minister of Home Affairs [VACANT] eUK Home Office News
Seal of the Ministry of Health.png Minister of Health [VACANT] The Lancet
Seal of the Ministry of Finance.png Minister of Finance [VACANT] BoE News

The Icon-UK.png UK on occasion also has a number of governmental roles that are not represented in-game.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) - eUK Home Office News


Aside from a small interlude of 3 months from the December 2011 to March 2012 when the Icon-UK.png UK was under occupation, the Icon-UK.png UK congress has normally consisted of 40 elected members.

As well as voting on in game proposals, the Icon-UK.png UK Parliament discusses sensitive issues and votes on proposals using either forum or in-game messaging systems. They hold the Government to account and are responsible for passing donations laws and determining taxes.

Presently, in place of a formal Statute Book, the eUK Congress follows a set of guidelines that it approves at the opening of each Congress. This is intended to structure discussions and ensure any debates are resolved if they cannot be done so via an in-game administration vote.

The guidelines used are kept up to date on this page: List of Laws of the United Kingdom

Political parties

Logo Party Name Abbreviation Party President National Ranking Congressmembers (members)
Party-The Real Spamicans v2.png The Real Spamicans TRS Sambo223 1 14
Party-The Unity Party.png The Unity Party TUP Keithunder 2 8
Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UK Reform Party UKRP certacito 3 7
Party-Workers Rights Party.png WRP WRP Huey George 4 5
Party-The Goat Save the Queen.png British Empire Party tGStQ Prince William I 5 5

See also


The Icon-UK.png UK tax system encourages maximum productivity in the companies which supply it to lower prices, increase exports and raise tax revenue.

Products which the Icon-UK.png UK can produce at optimal productivity have a low local tax and high import tax, while products which the UK cannot produce with high productivity have a high local tax and low import tax.

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1% 99% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft weapon 1% 99% 1%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Moving ticket 1% 1% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png House 1% 1% 1%
Raw material Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials.png Aircraft weapon raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1% 1% -

Last update on 6 June 2023.


Currently, the military is made up of any Icon-UK.png UK, privately funded and commanded MU's.

There is a an official government owned military unit controlled by the Ministry of Defence, which is used to set national Combat Orders. The Military Unit is named the Ministry of Defence.

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - ground battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Ground) in United Kingdom

Nickname Damage
1. FragUK 355,434,399,430
2. Piran 250,965,941,776
3. 11ue 228,721,106,617
4. Huey George 213,804,129,719
5. hollenboer 193,756,237,707

Last update: March 2023

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - aircraft battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Air) in United Kingdom

Nickname Damage
1. FragUK 79,698,501
2. Piran 71,597,365
3. 11ue 59,866,692
4. lucy28 38,000,593
5. Noel de Never 12 33,862,067

Last update: March 2023

New Players

From 2023 various player support packages are available. A full list is available, but never hesitate to ask if you need help or assistance navigating the volume of information available to you.

There is Tutorial for eUK players, and a Mentoring Hub where you can find citizens ready to assist.

Our general advice on signup is to join us on Discord, and to refrain from setting up companies until you've had advice on where to set them up. A mentor can help you!



The UK community has various methods of communication for Icon-UK.png UK users. We do not utilise a forum. and instead deal with much official business in-game and on Discord. Government, Congress and the wider public all make use of our discord and it is a great place to start.

Otherwise, check out the media module in-game. You will find articles and posts in the national feed offering light entertainment, hosting political debates, and generally updating the public as to what is occuring.

Player Statistics

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Top 5 most experienced players in United Kingdom

Nickname Experience level
1. FragUK 2319
2. Piran 2193
3. 11ue 1559
4. Huey George 1257
5. Paul Tyndale 956

Last update: June 2023

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Top 5 strongest players in United Kingdom

Nickname Strength
1. wingfield 377,916
2. Huey George 376,123
3. Piran 371,295
4. FragUK 370,392
5. THE EMPRAH 367,307

Last update: June 2023

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif Top 5 patriots in United Kingdom

Nickname Damage
1. FragUK 2,563,052,451,475
2. JiminyChristmas 1,973,325,696,217
3. hollenboer 1,963,452,478,761
4. Huey George 1,917,472,006,084
5. harveytailbanger 1,461,767,531,176

Last update: June 2023