United States Coast Guard

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United States Coast Guard

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA


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The Coast Guard is an American organization designed to train and mentor new players, and prepare them for the US Military and game play in general. Founded in November of 2009 by WahooBob, many high level and big named players quickly became involved. Former Vice president and perpetual presidential hopeful Jewitt quickly joined WahooBob in the Guard's high command, along with nine-time senator and former Secretary of Defense Kyle321n. Former presidential Chief of staff PiginZen and the Deputy Director of the Department of State Bradley Reala also signed on in high level positions early on.

WahooBob had hoped that a Coast Guard would be created for several months, and for several reasons. In addition to the humorous benefit of being "on a boat," many saw legitimacy in such an organization. The idea came about during the third World War, when many Americans answered the call to join the armed forces. The government's official Training Division quickly became overfull and understaffed, and multiple sources inside the government and military indicated that the TD was desperately in need of a makeover. Stories emerged almost daily of Americans who had encountered difficulty before, during, and even after attempting to join the Division. The military needed to be expanded at the lower levels, and WahooBob thought that a Coast Guard would be the best solution. The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), however, had more important things to focus on (for example, saving Florida), and ignored the repeated requests for the formation of a Coast Guard.

On November 5th, President Gaius Julius issued an executive order to create a Coast Guard as a part of the federal military structure. The Chairman of the JCS, Eugene Harlot, quickly refused the creation, citing inadequate funding in the Congressional budget, as well as the existance of a newly reorganized and more effective Training Corps. The decision was made, at that point, to create The Coast Guard as a private organization. Preparations to open the organization began immediately, and Jewitt, Wahoobob, and Kyle321n began to start promoting the organization on their online radio programs, The Report on Air and Fightin' 'Round The World.

Organization of The Coast Guard

Admiral - Chief Executive and Commandant
Vice Admiral - Leads a fleet of several squadrons
Rear Admiral - Assists the Vice Admiral
Commodore - Leads a squadron of several boats
Captain - Leads a boat of 8-10 seamen
Ensign - Assists their Captain
Seaman - Lowest level in the organization