United States Green Party

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United States Green Party

Party-The Green Party.jpeg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation USGP
Forum [1]
Colors Green
Founded October 2008
Members 123
Congress Occupancy 2/51 seats
Succeeds US Green Liberal Democrats
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The United States Green Party was a 6th party in the United States of America.


For more information on current Green Party initiatives, events and political debates, visit the official forums.
To join the USGP in eRepublik visit the party page.
To subscribe to the official USGP newspaper, visit Little Green Apples.

The United States Green Party Tenets and Philosophy

The United States Green Party is dedicated to bringing social justice, diplomacy and participatory democracy to eRepublik.

Our primary goals at present are:

  1. Promote a strong and active Foreign Policy in order to limit the negative effects of future threats to the US
  2. Remedy the Wellness problem caused by an extensive homeless population
  3. Build strong local economies by creating rewarding local jobs
  4. Provide universal Wellness care for our citizens
  5. Increase participatory government and transparency in our political processes

The United States Green Party Policy Platform

  • SOCIAL - We believe in promoting activity and fun amongst our citizens, defining their rights, and protecting them from threats of foreign incursions and invasions. All citizens are created equal regardless of race, creed, religion or gender. All citizens of eRepublik are born with the unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • POLITICAL - We believe in transparent, nonpartisan, inclusive government that is focused on running the country and spreads the important work of governance over many instead of few. A Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We believe in a government run by the will of our people rather than the will of special interests. A government that works for you and not for its own benifit and well being. When a government fails the people have a right to remove that government and establish a new and more efficent one.
  • ECONOMIC - We believe in ensuring that companies behave like any other responsible member of society. We believe in a strong minimum wage to ensure that the citizens of eUSA can afford healthy food and adequate housing. We are against profiteering and runaway inflation in the name of profit, and are committed to ensuring that tax dollars are used for the benefit of the people, upgrading of hospital care and ensuring a strong national defense.
  • FOREIGN - We believe in strong alliances with foreign powers to keep our borders secure, and in protecting smaller nations from the Imperialism of the more powerful Empires of the world. We support nations seeking independence from foreign invaders whose occupancy is seen as unjust and unlawful in an international court.

The United States Green Party Call to Action

We encourage all politically-minded Americans to join us as we move forward to a realized vision of the original American Dream! Join the USGP today!


The United States Green Party was basically defunct in October 2009 when it was PTO'd by a player whose sole interest was to gather some additional experience points, and who supposedly used a number of multi-accounts and paid voters to win the PP election in October 2009. There were approximately 5 legitimate active members of the party at this time. The core members of the party scattered to the seven winds. The party was renamed to The Green Party and changed orientation to Far-left, Authoritarian.

In November of '09 Timothy Beasley Took over as the new Party President. His appointed Chief of Staff Kylero resigned mid Term. So Timothy hired another CoS, Sam Kraus, a well known politician saw an ad for the USGP and messaged Tim asking if there was anything he could do to help out. Tim saw Sam's Resume and decided to give the Chief of Staff position that was available with Kylero's absence.

During Sams 2 week reign as Chief of Staff he created a new forum. He recruited 12 more members bringing the total number of members up to 109. Sam then decided to run for Party President. Running against a long time Green Party member and former Party President Kylero. After a series of heated Debates Sam won the election and was the new President. As soon as he was sworn in he restructured the cabinet. Taking away some of the older antiquated positions and consolidating their responsibility. He also added a Leadership Council, a group of party senior members who have little actual responsibility but are around to wiegh in on important subjects and vote on party issues.

In January of '10, Kylero was elected to his third term as Party President, with the purpose of restoring legitimacy and purpose to the party.


In November 2009, the Green Party was revived when TimothyBeasley was sworn in as the 7th legitimate Party President. After the PTO of the party in October 2009, Timothy led the Greens-in-Exile and organized the liberation of the party. He is of the same stalk of influential Greens like Fmr. Party President Kylero, and Fmr. multi-term Senator Astra Kat G. The name was changed to US Green Liberal Democrats.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party president Percentage according to erepublik.com
9 October 2008 Peter Green Founded party
15 December 2008 Peter Green 71.8%
15 January 2009 Peter Green 60.7%
15 February 2009 Jamarcus 86.7%
15 March 2009 Jamarcus 70.5%
15 April 2009 killersinc 73.33%
15 May 2009 killersinc 81.25%
15 June 2009 mpadams 81%
15 July 2009 Florgan 51.35%
15 August 2009 Kylero 66.7%
15 September 2009 Kylero 90%
15 October 2009 Jimmy Loomis (Party PTO) 45%
15 November 2009 timothybeasley 90%
15 December 2009 Sam Kraus 50.6%
15 January 2010 Kylero 75%