United Zionist Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation UZP
Forum UZP Forums
Colors Blue, White
Founded 15 April 2010
Dissolved 15 October 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /37 seats, 0%
Succeeds United Zionist Socialist Party, Israeli Workers Party
Succeeded By Israel Cooperative Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Zionism
I think we should consider changing the party name from United Zionist Socialist Party to just "Zionist Party"

Sir Valaro Volcrum, speaking the words that would lead to the beginning of the United Zionist Party.


The United Zionist Party (UZP) was Israel's largest political party and the direct descendant of the former United Zionist Socialist Party (UZSP). UZSP members voted to change the party name to United Zionist Party under Jewyoyo's term, and once Sam Krakower was elected for the following term the change was put into effect. The name change was done primarily because many had come to see the name United Zionist Socialist Party as too long. Because of this there was no major ideological difference between the two parties; the UZP remained a Center-Left Libertarian party and the party Manifesto went unchanged. The party was reformed by Gavin Wax and he brought new life to the dying party.

New forums where set up, a paramilitary branch set up, and new logos. He made the party bilingual and created a new active leadership made up of Hebrew and English Speakers. The party grew to the largest in terms of members after the Turkish Invasion. It grew to over 200 members largest party ever in Israels history during Gavin Wax's Party Presidency. The party came under attack for its success and for scandals that occurred when e70md became PP. People attacked the Paramilitary wing of the UZP the "Army of Zion" but none the less it grew in size. Eventually the Army of Zion was disbanded to make room for the official state military, the eIDF. The party suffered a major blow after the introduction of the Kibbutz System in Israel. it lost its leadership and membership base. It was decided the party would then merge into Israel First.