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Absentee is a citizen of Croatia. She is very active citizen in eCroatia, leader of project 'Mentors' for helping new players and one of squad leaders and later commander of military group for beginners 'Vatreni gušteri'. She was also a member of military group 'Theocratic holy army' where she met lot of friends all over the world. She was promoting eRepublik on RL radio show with Smiljan and webstartm. She also organized a lot of RL meetings in Split where people met each other, drank and had great time. Besides her dedicated work in 'Mentori' and in 'Vatreni gušteri' she will be remembered by her passionate newspaper articles in which she was talking about people that are taking this game too much seriously and not playing it and having fun but thinking only about hurting others and their own gain.