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Dimitrij Ivanov is a Serbian soldier, military and political analyst and one of the most renown Serbian journalists in the field of military journalism. He was born on December 18th 2008 in Lika and Gorski Kotar, Croatia, where he spent about a month of his elife. In those days players needed to fight in order to get XP and wars were really rare so he decided to move to Argentina and fight against Indonesia. His inexperience left him stranded in the region of Cujo for couple of weeks and after that he moved to Western Cape where he stayed until Serbia was introduced to the game.

In March 2009 Ministry of Defense formed a first military unit. Dimitrij Ivanov answered the call and joined "First Elite Brigade of eSerbian Army" which at that time had only 7 soldiers with highest rank being lieutenant. A month later unit would be renamed "Elite" which is the name they carry today. During the first couple of weeks of its existence Serbia was a very chaotic place. It was a new country full of strangers without a stable institutions and under a threat of PTO (political takeover). There was a huge mistrust in government officials and overall situation resembled wild west. In those conditions Serbia soon became a pray to Croatian PTO group and Croatia invaded taking 5 out of 7 Serbian regions. With its unit Dimitrij Ivanov retreated to Hungary and later to Indonesia.

In May 2009. he decided to leave the army and pursue career in journalism opening his magazine called [url=]Legionar[/url]. Writing on a daily basis about mercenary activities and geo-political situation in the world, he soon won attention of broad audience and in a very short period his magazine became number 4 newspaper in the country, second only to official government newspapers. His name became well known to citizens of Serbia and by the third article he was invited to publish not only in Croatia but in Bosnia and foreign countries too. On May 31th he published an article called [url=]Romanian Lion[/url] which was featured in Admin's official bulletin. The article analyzed future actions of Serbian government and correctly predicted events which happened a month later.

Establishing himself as a respected and informative journalist and after winning a Media Mogul medal he decided to go back to army. He was reenlisted in Elite and actively joined an offensive against Croatia which would by the July 4th liberate all Serbian regions. On that day he published an article depicting operations for [url=]liberation of Serbia[/url] which was his last article before being [url=]wounded[/url].

After being in a coma for three days he woke up and decided to stay in the game. On July 8th 2009 he created [url=]new account[/url] and realizing his military career is over decided to go to politics and also to restart his magazine which he renamed [url=]Legionnaire International[/url]. He joined [url=]Sačuvajmo eSrbiju[/url] which was at the time the biggest party in the world. In August he became Minister of Information in cabinet of President [url=]vonMartin[/url] and he maintained this position for two months. His magazine brought him back his popularity which he used to be elected to congress five times.

Since reorganization of the army in May 2009. eSerbia had a system which drafted citizens from strength level 5 and above and those who didn't meet the requirements were not considered. During his second term as a Minister of Information he tried to push his proposition of forming a military organizations for weaker citizens. His proposition was outvoted and new president was soon elected so the project was pushed aside. But a fellow colleague [url=]heroina[/url] who was a Minister of Education in previous government recognized the potential of the project and managed to persuade new president [url=]desert hamster[/url] to approve the project.

On October 14th 2009 National Guard was born. With government funding 5 new organizations were founded and they were used as headquarters of 5 National Guards divisions. Every division was in charge of specific territory and had a duty to contact every new citizen born in division's area of responsibility. They would be contacted via in game message and given a short tutorial about first steps. At the end of tutorial a new citizen was being asked to reply the message when he reaches the next level. On the next level he was given another tutorial important for that level and the cycle continued. The system was good because new citizens were not overwhelmed with new information but were informed on need to know basis. That's how they were introduced into the game through small steps and by the time they reached level 5 strength they were very well informed and were productive members of society. Dimitrij Ivanov assumed the role of National Guard commander and also a commander of its largest division - I Belgrade division.

In February 2010. new reorganization of the army abolished lower levels of recruitment and National Guard was unable to send it's graduates to army recruitment centers. National Guard became obsolete and by March was disbanded. It was partially revived in September 2010. when President [url=]EternalFlameOfFreedom[/url] called Dimitrij Ivanov to join Ministry of Defense team and form a unit which will take care of young citizens. Dimitrij Ivanov then rewrote the tutorials to better suit v2 and reactivated old National Guard organizations giving them new name - Territorial Defense. It was short lived and by the end of November Territorial Defense was abolished.

After the first shutdown of National Guard, Dimitrij Ivanov got a call from his friend [url=]bambybg[/url] to join [url=]White Eagles[/url]. After couple of days of thinking, he decided to join them. Three months later he was promoted into a White Eagles officer and by the end of the year with the help of couple of other officers, especially [url=]Denis Cicic[/url] who was at the time commander of White Eagles, managed to introduce electoral system in White Eagles unit. By this system every White Eagle had the opportunity to become an officer. All he had to do is candidate for position and get elected by his fellow comrades. Dimitrij Ivanov was several times battalion commander, chief of personnel, chief of operations, chief of logistics and commander of the whole unit. He was passively involved in Bosnia and Herzegovina PTO operations and organized White Eagles PTO operations in New Zealand.

In March 2011. as a commander of White Eagles he became one of the co-founders of [url=]Serbian Special Forces[/url] which was at the time the strongest and most powerful group of units in the world.