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Grimstone was sent an invitation by a real life friend to join eRepublik. When he joined, the South African Department of Mentorship messaged him and offered help during his first week. He was guided in playing the game and learned quickly.[1]

He and Al Kazar stated a group called Tigra Tribe, a tribal (or neo-tribal) organization. The organization is owned equally by all members of the tribe and is organized according to a kind of tribal social structure totally unrelated to any kind of ethnic identity. He became their War Chief and was responsible for their military training. He was also a member of the South African Armed Forces in the South African Training Division, under the command of Colonel CyberWitch. There, he learned much, and was promoted relatively quickly, after some time ending up as a member of the eSAAF High Command.

I have a wiki bio already setup if u want to use it?