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16 April 2009
1 January 2012


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  • User Page

Were you looking for Martin23230?

Welcome to my user page!

Me & my boxes

I am mainly a graphics editor, however I help around the wiki where I can.

Icon-United Kingdom.png This user lives in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (In RL).
Icon-Czech Republic.png This user lives in the Czech Republic (Česká republika)
(In eRepublik).
Icon-eRepublik.png This user's eRepublik account is here.
WPMillogo.png This user is a member of the
eRepublik Military WikiProject.
Star.png This üser is officialy ÜBER.
Coat-United Kingdom.png This user uses British English, and chalenges anyone to force him not to. (It was ours first damn it!).
This user's eRepublik account number is 1271099.
BOX This user usualy uses Userboxes.

My Work

See: Special:Contributions/Martin23230

1. Creator of new eRepublik flag icons for the wiki, such as:
India Switzerland ATLANTIS Germany-Austria United Kingdom
2. Founder of the Military WikiProject, the first (and greatest) WikiProject, as well as helping start the Politics WikiProject.
Military Politics
3. Some maps and what not.
Slovakia-Czech Republic War Partition of Austria Old style base map

Coming soon*...

1. EBM
*As a physicist, "soon" might be within the next 1 million years, roughly. If ever.