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UNO Open League
UNO Liga Terbuka
UNO Open League.png
Tournament information
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dates 17–19 January 2021
Tournament results
Champion Flag-Philippines.jpg Lilith Barros
1st runner-up Flag-Philippines.jpg Boy Pick Up
2nd runner-up Flag-Indonesia.jpg beebeam
3rd runner-up Flag-Indonesia.jpg Chochohito

The UNO Open League (Malay: UNO Terbuka Liga) was an online card game tournament.


The tournament format was as follows:





  Round 1     Round 2     Semifinals     Finals  
    Flag-Indonesia.jpg x wiru x 0     Flag-Malaysia.jpg Aizat Afifi 1  
    Flag-Indonesia.jpg beebeam 2     Flag-Indonesia.jpg beebeam 2  
      Flag-Indonesia.jpg beebeam 2  
      Flag-Philippines.jpg Lilith Barros 3  
    Flag-Malaysia.jpg Alex Firdaus 2  
    Flag-Indonesia.jpg Knight of Kemplar 0  
      Flag-Malaysia.jpg Alex Firdaus 1
      Flag-Philippines.jpg Lilith Barros 2  
    Flag-Malaysia.jpg Rayleigh Silvers 1     Flag-Philippines.jpg Lilith Barros 3
    Flag-Philippines.jpg Lilith Barros 2       Flag-Philippines.jpg Boy Pick Up 2
    Flag-Indonesia.jpg Kyubi9tail 0     Flag-Philippines.jpg Boy Pick Up 2  
    Flag-Malaysia.jpg Dr4g0nX 2     Flag-Malaysia.jpg Dr4g0nX 1  
      Flag-Philippines.jpg Boy Pick Up 3
      Flag-Indonesia.jpg Chochohito 2  
    Flag-Indonesia.jpg xbuzter 1  
    Flag-Indonesia.jpg keongsawah 2  
      Flag-Indonesia.jpg keongsawah 0 Third place
      Flag-Indonesia.jpg Chochohito 2  
    Flag-Indonesia.jpg Chochohito 2   Flag-Indonesia.jpg beebeam 3
    Flag-Malaysia.jpg Leo Syahmessi 0     Flag-Indonesia.jpg Chochohito 1

Final standings

Tournament standings
Name W–L
Lilith Barros 4–0


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