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Газета Написание статьи Статья Главный редактор Подписки на газеты

Газетные статьи служат в качестве одной из главных форм коммуникации в eRepublik.
Жители и организации могут выпускать статьи в собственных газетах.

Ввод заголовка

Write article1.jpg

Статьи не могут быть опубликованы без заголовка. Эффективный заголовок почти всегда обеспечивает больший поток читателей; статьи с банальными же заголовками многие просто игнорируют.

Написание и форматирование

Напишите содержание статьи в отведенном для этого месте. Вы можете изменить размер отведенного для печати пространства, просто потянув мышкой нижний край редактора до требуемого вам размера. Вы также можете вставить изображения множества форматов.

Using formatting tools to add styles

At the top of article editor you see a line of buttons which provide you some styling methods. To add a style tag you need to select the text in which you want the style to be added.
Article editing tools.png

You can resize the article box by dragging the bottom bar.

Text editing tags

  • Article editing tools.png - Add bold text to the article
  • Article editing tools.png - Add italic text to the article
  • Article editing tools.png - Add underlined text to the article
  • Article editing tools.png - Add strikethrough text to the article

Links and images

  • Article editing tools.png - Add image to the article (Prompt box will appear asking you the URL of image)
  • Article editing tools.png - Add URL to the article (Tip: Select text before you press the URL-button to make the text as link)
  • Article editing tools.png - Add an email address to the text

Other functions

  • Article editing tools.png - Preview the article by pressing the button

Using manual coding to add styles

If you don't want use the article editor provided by eRepublik or you don't find the style you want (bold ones), you can also add the styling manually by writing the BBCode to the article. You can use codes found from following table:

Format BBCode Use Result in Article
Links [url] [/url] [url]http://www.example.com[/url] http://www.example.com
Links inside Text [url=] [/url] [url=http://www.example.com ]This is a Link[/url] This is a Link
Images [img] [/img] [img]image_link[/img] (image)
Bold [b] [/b] [b]This text is in Bold.[/b] This text is in Bold.
Italic [i] [/i] [i]This text is in Italic.[/i] This text is in Italic.
Underline [u] [/u] [u]This text is underlined[/u] This text is underlined
Strikethrough [s] [/s] [s]This Text is strikethrough[/s] This Text is strikethrough
Superscript [sup] [/sup] x[sup]2[/sup] x2
Subscript [sub] [/sub] H[sub]2[/sub]O : Water H2O : Water
eMails [email] [/email] [email]me@something.com[/email] me@something.com
eMails inside Text [email=] [/email] [email=me@something.com]My mail[/email] My mail
Line ----- -----

Note1: BBCode to change font size (that did work previously), doesn't work anymore.

Note2: BBCode are in Bold to differentiate the way to do it well,links are in Blue, Image links in Red, and Mails in Green.

Note3: Some famous BBCode, like Color or Font type, are not implemented on this Media Module.

Note4: Line BBCode it's formed with "-" char. You must put more than five to make a line, and if you want several lines in a row, you should put spaces between the five "-".


Format Code Result in Article
Regular Smile :-) or :) or =) Regular smile.gif
Excited Smile 8) or 8-) Excited smile.gif
Big Smile :-D or :D or =D Big smile.gif
Animated Smile ^_^ Animated smile.gif
Saint O:) or O:-) Saint.gif
Coy Smile =3 Coy smile.gif
Angry D: or D= or >:( or D-: or >:-( AngryEmo.gif
Cool B) or B-) Constipation.gif
Sweat Drop ^^; Sweat drop.gif
Frown :-( or :( Frown.gif
Wink ;-) or ;) Wink.gif
Big Wink ;D Big wink.gif
Sneaky ;D or >;) Sneaky.gif
Tongue :-P or :P Tongue.gif
Surprise :-O or :O Surprise.gif
Irritated :-/ or :\ or:/ or =\ or =/ Irritated.gif
Neutral :| Neutral.gif
Heart <3 Heart.gif
Evil >:) or >:-) Evil.gif
Look Left <.< or <_< Lookleft.gif
Look Right >.> or >_> Lookright.gif


Category drop menu

After you have written your article, you will need to choose a category of six (First Steps of eRepublik, Battle orders, Warfare analysis, Political debates and analysis, Financial business and Social interactions and entertainment). If you put your article in the incorrect category, Moderators may change your article into the correct category. Once you have chosen a Category, you will be able to publish your article.


Review your article one more time and then click "Publish".
Publish Button
. The article will be published in your citizenship country.

Remember to check your article later to read and respond to your reader's comments!


  • Question: Do you restrict the width and height of images posted in an article?
  • Answer: The width of the images in articles are restricted to 675 pixels.

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