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Who is Who

List of Wiki users and their characters in game.

Wiki User Real Location Game Profile Game Location Description
Abedecian Icon-UK.png UK (United Kingdom) Abedecian Icon-UK.png UK I am the Under Minister for wiki in the Ministry of Home Affairs and will be dealing mostly with articles to do with Icon-UK.png UK.
AgentChieftain Icon-USA.png USA (United States) AgentChieftain Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan I'll be working with Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan related articles, and I'll see what I can do about world events.
Ali Emami Icon-Iran.png Iran (Iran) Ali Emami Icon-Iran.png Iran Translating pages to Persian and editing all page about Icon-Iran.png Iran
Allyenna Icon-Spain.png Spain Allyenna Icon-Spain.png Spain, Valencia Editing pages from Icon-Spain.png Spain
AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Andycro Icon-Croatia.png Croatia, Northwest Croatia Editing all pages about Icon-Croatia.png Croatia and on Croatian, constantly checking all pages about the game as a part of my sysop tasks. More info on my user page.
Antonio Fonti Icon-UK.png UK Antonio Fonti Icon-Japan.png Japan, Tokyo Mainly want to edit the history of the nations I've lived in, I've already partly done Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland and Icon-Japan.png Japan. As well as editing the war pages.
Belea2008 Icon-Romania.png Romania, Bucharest Belea2008 Icon-South Africa.png South Africa, Pretoria Geo is my name. Hint: every Citizen that helps with the Wiki will receive a piece of my kingdom! =))
BGBW London, UK BGBW Pakistan, Anhui Writing the articles that matter most. :awesome:
Blagota Icon-Serbia.png Serbia Blagota Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Kosovo Doing all erepublik events. :awesome:
Blair Kelly Wexford, Ireland Blair Kelly Wexford, Ireland Planning to expand wiki, by creating new and updating current pages.
Booleus Canada, BC Booleus Canada, Nova Scotia Updating Canadian country page. Misc minor edits.
borgesvive Argentina, Neuquen Zumbido Argentina, Pampas Editing pages related to Argentina and the alliance ALA. Furthermore I will complete the bio of several users who were relevant to the argentinean history.
Bunaly Brazil, Parana Bunaly Brazil, Manaus Writing Brazilian history today and transferring it to the wiki.
Caroline au Marymont Lublin voivodship, Poland Caroline au Marymont Poland I think I'll edit some Poland-related articles... And do some translations:)
Sn00d Icon-Greece.png Greece(Macedonia) Sn00d Icon-Greece.png Greece,Macedonia Translating and editing for Icon-Greece.png Greece
Catapult Alberta, Canada Catapult Canada Editing and creating Canadian- related articles :)
Chris Stanwick Illinois, USA Chris Stanwick USA I edit just about anything that needs editing rather than being nation specific. Uber Editor
ClemensWil Hesse, Germany ClemensWil Germany I can translate anything from German or into German.
crlsgms Sao Paulo, Brasil crlsgms Brazil I'm only in it for the money.
Christine Bush California, USA Christine Bush USA, California I want to create and manage wiki pages for eRepublik companies and create maps for the wiki. I am also working the on-going Lonely Pages project.
Citizen Timinator Mississippi, USA Citizen Timinator USA, Mississippi Providing a place for eMississippians to get to know each other and about our wonderful state!
Cokeman Israel, Ramat Hasharon (near Tel-Aviv) Cokeman Israel, Jerusalem Editing pages that connect to Israel.
Code-Y Ontario, Canada Code-Y Ontario, Canada Editing pages of fellow Canadians and anyone who wants a wiki :).
CptRixuu Estonia, Tallinn CptRixuu Estonia, Pohja-Eesti Editing pages that are related to Estonia. Starting to introduce Eesti Loto (eEstonian Lottery).
Cristesco/Cristi Badea Romania, Bucharest Cristesco Romania, Bucharest Started this Wiki from nothing and now I need all the help I can get from you guys to make it really great.
Daniel Dimow Bulgaria Daniel Dimow Bulgaria, Sofia I'm the official translator of the eRepublik Wiki pages to Bulgarian :) .
Daniel Thorrold East of England, United Kingdom Daniel Thorrold UK, East of England Updating and fixing what I can, mostly UK related pages.
Debildevil Germany debildevil Mexico, Oaxaca President of Mexico, Correcting Information , Purging unclean Pages...
Demokratickid Pennsylvania, USA Demokratickid UK, East of England Doing little fixes, expanding wiki, and trying to be as helpful/non-incompetent as possible!
Diarmuid Spain Diarmuid Spain, Balearic Islands Helping with some spanish citizen profiles and party related articles
DrogbaPT Portugal, Porto DrogbaPT Portugal, Lisbon I will write Portugal related articles :).
Dwarth Canada, Montreal Dwarth Canada, Ontario I will update Canada related articles, and do some French translation.
Dylan of darkness the underworld, Australia dylan of the darkness New South Wales, Australia I will help with any knowledge I have on Australia and economics
Elena Coman Romania, Bucharest elena.coman Romania, Cluj-Napoca I have enjoyed some of my free moments, navigating (editing......) into this Wiki of The New World. Now it's your turn...
Emerick United States Emerick United States, Austin I've done some touch ups, and written the USA article, and I want to do some pages about the US politics and maybe a few newspapers. Also lol Hat Yay
EmperorZahradkaII United States EmperorZahradkaII United States, Florida Mainly focusing on updating and creating USAF pages.
equilibrium1907 Turkey, ?stanbul equilibrium1907 Turkey, Mediterranean Coast of Turkey Living, studying and working in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm here to help people and learn more about WikiWorld.
Esteban Delgado New York, USA Esteban Delgado Polokwane], South Africa Experienced wiki-editor editing South African related articles and other general articles to perfection.
EternalFlameOfFreedom Belgrade, Serbia EternalFlameOfFreedom Serbia, Vojvodina Translating and updating all Serbian pages and some of the updates to other states if i have time.
Fabio Milocco Udine, Italy Fabio Milocco Italy, Udine I would like to translate in Italian pages that are in english only
Final Destiny Bangor, United Kingdom Final Destiny Belfast, United Kingdom Former UK President, Working on the chronicles of the UK.
Freke Norway Freke Norway Former President of eNorway. Translations to Norwegian and various updates.
Frerk Netherlands Frerk Netherlands, Mostly fixing minor things, translating, doing pages involving the Netherlands.
Garabeda Bulgaria Garabeda Bulgaria Relatively new to wiki eRepublik, still very experienced in eRepublik with more than 2 years playing time
GideonIL Israel GideonIL Israel Expanding Wiki, Israeli-related articles and some fun fiction ones:).
Gigglyomicron United States Gigglyomicron Pakistan, Peshawar I'm planning on adding a few articles relating to Pakistan, and editing pages in general.
Grzechooo Poland Grzechooo Poland, Silesia I'm translating pages to Polish, fixing typos on pages, and editing articles in general. I'm a sysop :awesome:
gugufish Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) gugufish Republic of China (Taiwan) Translating Wiki to Traditional Chinses and try to make articles to read smoothly and make sense in Traditional Chinese.
hagnat Brazil, Porto Alegre hagnat Brazil, Curitiba Will improve any page page in need of improving :)
Heikanu Netherlands Heikanu Netherlands Helping to improve this wiki in general
HIZUMI Japan (日本) HIZUMI Japan, Hokkaido Attempting to create a Japanese wiki.
Honestly Australia, Brisbane Pierric Bross South Africa, Free State Just general work.
Hourai Canada Hourai Sweden, Smaland As a historian and fantasy author, I aim to show the world the history of eRepublik, as well as write amusing fictional articles in my spare time.
Hrvat Goolwa, South Australia Hrvat Austria, Styria Editing pages about Austria and Croatia, . Translating articles from English into Croatian. Uber Editor
Hurkancs Icon-Croatia.png Croatia, Slavonia Hurkancs Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Creating and updating all Icon-Croatia.png Croatian pages :).
Ikenstein Loimaa, Finland Ikenstein Turku, Finland Oh God, What on Earth Is My Hairdo All About?
Iliaco Antofagasta, Chile Iliaco Chile, Norte Chico I'm here to register the rise of my borning nation, ad chew some gum. Best regards!
Irov Florida, USA Irov Ukraine, Galicia and Lodomeria I'm here mostly to update and expand pages about Ukraine but also to facilitate translation. Oh, and of course, to impress others with my intellect and sexy good looks.
Irony Queen Subotica, Serbia Irony Queen Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Eastern Serbia I'm here mostly to update and expand pages about Serbia but also to facilitate translation. My wish is to make a Serbian portal.
Jameson L. Tai Melbourne, Florida, USA Jameson L. Tai Australia, New South Wales I'm here to help out projects and to take some of the military code the English Wikipedia uses for military awards and other templates and transfer them over to the eRep Wiki.
John F Baker England, UK F Baker WikiIngame United Kingdom, London I'm here to do anything really - I help preserve and better the eUK government and military articles, and I developed the first versions of the operational campaign/other ribbons and the Comparatitive Rank Chart.
Jazar Netherlands, Utrecht Jazar Netherlands, Amsterdam I'm a Dutch law student living in Utrecht. I'm just trying to add as much information as possible and correct grammatical errors. Lately I've been updating The Netherlands a lot ;)
Jewitt United States Jewitt USA, Tennessee I do mostly my own citizen profile, that of my organizations, companies, and help friends get the basics up on their own. I try to keep up to date all USA-based pages but it is a terrible task.
Joe Aitken Ontario, Canada James Allan Canada, Charlottetown Mainly doing minor edits, possibly creating pages.
John Forseti North East England, United Kingdom John Forseti United Kingdom I like to muck about,write stuff and occaisionally make tables prettier. :)
John Wilkmot Canada John Wilkmot Canada, Iqaluit Working on Canada Pages mostly
kalamarko92 Croatia kalamarko92 Croatia, Slavonia Self-proclaimed template genius, translating English articles to Croatian, checking for updates and (mostly) annoying others
K3ndu Estonia, Kuressaare K3ndu Estonia, Laane-Eesti Translating lot of articles and templates to Estonia.
King Waseem aka Whac USA, San Francisco King Waseem Japan, Tokyo Too young to drive. I'll be working on the Japanese Section (Not in Japanese).
Kuhaa Finland Kuhaa Finland I'm responsible for a big portion of Finnish translations and I'll continue to work on keeping them up to date. I work daily in order to improve the quality of our Wiki. Uber Editer and Sysop.
Laurana Psion KL, Malaysia or "somewhere", UK Laurana Psion Shikoku, Japan Pretty much just fiddling with eJapan stuff and anything else that might interest me. FYI, I'm pretty spaced... should have completed this intro a long time ago. >_>. So, if I've done anything silly, do let me know, since I might not even be aware myself =D.
Linden Parker Wales, UK Linden Parker Wales, UK Mainly looking to work on UK-related articles. Specifically the regions pages for now. I may also give the German translating a go if anyone is willing to pick up the pieces behind me!
Log18os Poland Log18os Poland, Little Poland Editing and translating pages. Mainly related to Poland
MachineMadness Brisbane, Australia MachineMadness Austin, USA I'm a general editor, I look around for grammar mistakes and sometimes add a few pages here and there
Madam Pie Texas, USA Madam Pie Central Greece, Greece I will be creating user profiles, business profiles, organization profiles, possibly a religion, and any other programs for Greece that I am associated with.
Makoulian Greece,Athens Makoulian Greece,Attica I'm working on Greek translation.
Mark Vernon Netherlands, The Hague Mark_Vernon Netherlands, Amsterdam I just try to add as much info as I can to pages which need it.
Martin23230 England, United Kingdom Martin23230 Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic I am mainly interested in editing graphics and uploading maps, but I help out where I can.
Matsuuu Kankaanpaa, Finland Matsuuu Brazil, Gauteng I like Brazil
McKayRO Icon-Romania.png Romania, Iasi [1] Icon-Poland.png Poland, Mazuria I will resolve references, neutrality and design!
Matteo Rome, Italy andredambreville Dublin, Ireland In real from italy... in game from Ireland.
Monsieur White France Monsieur White France Interested in economic module
MiniBill Italy, Trieste miniBill Italy, Trieste Formatting, patrolling, creating templates, shaping translation...
Mr. Awesome Pennsylvania Mr. Awesome New South Wales, Australia Some eRepublik stuff, some other wiki stuff. I do it all.
Mr Dalibor Croatia, Slavonia Ahileus Croatia Creating and updating Croatian pages and some other wiki stuff...
Nevugila Turkey, Istanbul Modu Shanyu Turkey, I am here to show you the awful truth about Erepublik staff. Also I am working on Turkey.
Nicolae Carpathia Indiana, USA Nicolae Carpathia Greece, Alexandroupoli Working on PEACE, ATLANTIS, world wars, Lidoxa, Greece, related pages.
Pablobf Fortaleza, Brazil Pablobf Brazil, North of Brazil Working on Wiki
Paddyohale United Kingdom Paddyohale London, United Kingdom One of the longest-serving eUK citizens, involved in UK Politics (to some extent) and the UK Military (to a far greater extent).
Papa Frantz France Papa Frantz France, Ajaccio Founder of the French Army, Former French President July 2008, in charge of the quaterly Miss France constest, I am just here for networking.
Pender Hawaii, United States Pender USA, Honolulu I would like to work on pages that can assist new users find their way in this game.
PerfesserBB Pittsburgh, PA USA PerfesserBB USA, Pennsylvania I plan to change the state pages to include current state flags instead of the USA flag.
Platonic England, London Platonic USA, Honolulu I'll be working mostly on the society and politics section, mainly to get a pin down on who is doing what in the world.
prophexy Indianapolis, IN USA prophexy Icon-Belgium.png Belgium I am here to work on European articles, mainly Belgium.
Purohueso Santiago, Chile Purohueso Zona Austral, Chile Mostly focused with chilean related pages, but just around translating everything to spanish..., and doing whatever else, :muahaha:
pyroelectricity United States pyroelectricity United States, Florida I may also make some articles that are related to China.
QJ Lincoln Virginia, USA Q J Lincoln Pakistan Uber Editor, Sysop. Used to specialize in region pages and conquered countries but now my syops patrolling duties take most of my time!
Quicksilver Hungary acerola org Hungary I learn to make and/or translate pages for Hungary
Red doctor Greece red_doctor Greece Editing for Greece!
Riza Karabasan California, USA Riza Karabasan Indonesia, Java I am actually Turkish but I am an exchange student in Humboldt. I will be translating Turkish pages and contributing Wiki.
Robert Loggia New Hampshire Robert Loggia Concord, USA USA articles and other things. Pfft, I'm probably going to end up destroying the place.
Rocco Granata Constanta, Romania Rocco Granata Dobrogea, Romania I'll update and write Romanian related pages.
Rowan Quigley Australia Rowan Quigley Australia I'm going to be updating, random pages from clicking the Random article button!
Ryoushi Las Vegas, USA Ryoushi Kyushu, Japan I am working with the Japanese community, and any other interesting subjects.
s33vald Estonia, Torva s33vald Thailand, Khon Kaen I write about Thailand and about world History. Also about Estonia. I declare Estonia's Independence!!!!
sampo555 Lahti, Finland sampo555 Spain, Asturias I mostly translate pages to Finnish. Sometimes might edit some English pages too.
Sandtux Spain, La Coruna Sandtux Pakistan, Gandhinagar Trying not to mess up things. Feel free to contact me.
Santirub Rosario, Argentina santirub Paranena, Paraguay Helping to translate the Spanish pages :).
Scadens Finland Scadens Finland Fixing and tweaking, I like it.
Seductiv Romania, Sighisoara Seductiv Romania, Bucharest I'm proud of my country!
Serendipitous Florida, United States Serendipitous Florida, United States I'll be around, learning more about erepublik. I'm a sysop on another wiki, so I'm adept at this. I won't break things :D
Skinny Bones Jones Birmingham, United Kingdom Skinny Bones Jones Birmingham, United Kingdom Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UK, Inter-Pol editor. Adding to and improving the UK wiki.
Srachit United Arab Emirates Srachit India I'll be working with Indian related articles and with portals.
Starks Hayter Wexford, Ireland Starks Hayter The Southeast, Ireland I plan to do some updating for eIreland, and its citizens.
TheSupernatural Sacramento, California, USA, Earth, Sol, uh er... Milky Way TheSupernatural USA, Austin GOD ALLAH ME, and somewhere Tom Cruise. Email me at Especially hate mail. I love hate mail. Also, the way I figure it, the world will end during 2012 (American) elections, b/c the Mayans said so.
Thomas765 Scotland, United Kingdom Thomas765 Otago, New Zealand
Tigran Jamiro France, Paris Tigran Jamiro France, Paris Bonjour from Paris !
Tkid Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands, Eastern Netherlands Tkid Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands Wandering through pages to read and edit. ;]
Tim Veltkamp Australia, Sydney Tim Veltkamp Australia, New South Wales Always editing UNL/peoples pages
Timeoin Brisbane, Australia Australia, Queensland (normally) I update a lot of Wiki pages, when I can, but started off with just pages concerning Australia. Currently working on the President Pages Project.
zamrg Cape Town, South Africa zamrg Florida, USA I plan to help out on projects where editors are needed and perhaps expand the South African wiki pages.
Zhuge Liang Spain Zhuge Liang Spain, Valencia I'm here to edit pages from countries where I have stayed and articles about wars.
Dimitrios Greece Dimitrios Greece, Epirus I'm here to edit pages from Greece
iVicentico Santiago, Chile 1383498 Zona Central, Chile Helping Purohueso to the spanish articles, and working a lot about chilean articles in specific.
V3n0M93 Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria, Plovdiv V3n0M93 Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria I'm here to work on pages about Bulgaria and to translate in Bulgarian.