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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


Page Policies

References & Fictional Content

General Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

The Religion policy is a sub-policy of the Fictional content policy. It does NOT apply to the game of eRepublik, only to articles on the wiki.

eRepublik Religions have become an interesting and entertaining way that people have expressed their ideas and creativity in the life of the game. Because of the desire to include these religions in the wiki, it became obvious the fictional content policy was not enough to govern these pages.

The eRepublik Religion Policy

  • Articles about religions, like all wiki articles, must respect the eRepublik Rules
  • Articles about religions, like all wiki articles, must respect the Fictional content policy
  • Articles about Real Life religions will be deleted immediately. The wiki is not the place to evangelize or explain religious beliefs. Moreover, real religions are prone to endless edit wars.
  • Religions must display some sort of relevance to the game.
  • Religions cannot be blatantly similar to Real Life religions and their denominations (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc) to avoid vandalism and offending followers.
  • Religions must take into account copyrights and intellectual property. Religions should be original and not copied directly from literature, video games, television, movies, etc.
  • Religions must begin and gather followers in forums or IRC chats before a page is created in the Wiki.
  • Any claims of numbers of followers will require sources.
  • Religions that refer to eRepublik players as deities, prophets, saints, etc. must have the consent of those involved in writing to ensure that rule 2.2 is being observed.
  • For a page about a religion to be included in the wiki, the Religion Procedure must be followed.


Users that would like to submit a religion page to the wiki must follow these steps. Failure to do so will result in the page being removed.

  1. Create the religion page(s) in your userspace (See the guidelines below, do not include any templates from the Main Space, nor any categories in the pages you create)
  2. Ask for the Wiki community approval in religion policy talk with links to your pages and leave a notice about it in the Bar
  3. Take community feedback into account and edit page(s) accordingly
  4. Obtain final approval by a Sysops
  5. Create templates: Religion and Religion/Views. (Add <includeonly>[[Category:NAME OF YOUR RELIGION]]</includeonly> ONLY to the Religion/Views template you have created)
  6. Move your pages to the Main Space
  7. Add [[Category:Religions]] to the category Category:NAME OF YOUR RELIGION
  8. Add your religion to the Religion page

Writing Religion Pages

Keep in mind that these types of articles should be taken with great seriousness, as they are chronicles of already established religions in the New World.

For the time being, eReligion pages for submission should be in English, as it is the main language of the game and the wiki. Of course, these pages can be translated later.

Religion pages should be started in your sandbox

  • In the Search field type User:Yourusername/sandbox
  • Click the red link to create the page

Do not use templates or categories on pages in your sandbox!

All religions pages should have at least these common pieces of information:

  • short introduction
  • beliefs/concepts/creeds/worship/etc.
  • books/articles of faith/scriptures/etc.
  • practices/duties/responsibilities/etc.
  • history:
    • founder/founders
    • origins
    • evolution
    • historical figures
    • denominations (if any)
  • important events in the New World related to the religion (if no complete and objective history section can be achieved)
  • relevance (what were the implications of the fact that the religion was founded, what were the implications of the religion existence) (strongly related with the important events section)
  • demographics and number of followers (estimation) - these should be based on strong relevant articles and topic forums




What will happen if someone creates a religion page without respecting the procedure?
The page will be moved to the User's namespace and a message will be left on the User's talk page with a link to the procedure. Consistent attempts to circumvent the procedure will be treated as vandalism which usually results in a ban.

I need help with templates for my religion.
If your religion has been approved, ask for template help in the Bar. If your religion has not been approved yet, wait until it is before asking for help.

How long will it take for a proposed religion to be approved?
The process can be made faster if the user understands the policy and writes with this knowledge. We also want to give the general community enough time to read and provide feedback on the article(s). So at this point, it is too early to say how long the approval process will take. But we don't want to drag it out longer than it is needed.

How do I fulfil this requirement? "Religions that refer to eRepublik players as deities, prophets, saints, etc. must have the consent of those involved in writing to ensure that rule 2.2 is being observed."
If the person in question has a wiki account, he or she can log on and write on the discussion page that they approve. If the person does not have a wiki account, he or she can contact one of the Sysops in game through private message. The sysop will then post the text of that message to the talk page. It is the responsibility of the article writer to have the "deity" provide his or her approval. Neither the sysops nor other users will chase down errant deities for their consent.