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Dear citizens,

We consider the eRepublik Wiki an important information tool for the citizens of the New World and for other people. As we announced some time ago, we will reward the citizens that helped us develop and improve it.

The most valuable contributors will be decided by Admin based on number of edits and the quality of the Wiki articles. Also we will be rewarding the citizen that comes up with the best idea to improve the eRepublik Wiki. The citizens that will be chosen on 18th of September will receive:

  • wild cards for V1 testing phase,
  • V1 bonuses (these are secret, but we are sure that it will be a pleasant surprise) and
  • free invitations.

Those that do not have a Wiki account they can request one here: Special:RequestAccount (your citizen name, your real name and the e-mail address with which you registered on eRepublik are required).

Thank you for your help,
The eRepublik Team.


Dear citizens,

After a careful analysis of the contributions made by the most important Wiki authors/editors, we have reached our final decision about the persons that will receive the rewards for the help they have given us.

First of all, we would like to give our thanks to all the Authors and Editors that invested time and energy in improving the Wiki.

As some of you guessed already, Q J Lincoln is the top contributor in the Wiki, while MiniBill, using his bot, managed to create the first map of the eRepublik Wiki and DrogbaPT proved that pages can be visual enhanced while providing information to readers.

Although the two most famous pages created by Aryamehr are about the eRepublik founders (alexis bonte and George Lemnaru), we also find his contribution for the tutorials very useful. You can read the Getting Started guide he created here.

While some some citizens concentrate their attention to a wide variety of pages, others concentrate most of their efforts into one subject at a time:

We would like to mention Tigran Jamiro that started by creating pages written in French, Seductiv, who likes to direct his attention to Romania's page or Esteban Delgado that used the current political conflict in South Africa to create unique and interesting articles.

Last, but not least, an old and unique edit was made by Joimzhando who decided to bring some "color and coolness" to the Main Page of the Wiki and our special reward goes to AgentChieftain who thought of bringing the management of contracts into the Wiki. You can see how contracts will look after V1 is launched here and you can read his full idea here.

We encourage all of you to continue with the improvements in the Wiki and we wish all good luck!

The eRepublik Team.

V1 bonuses

Dear citizens,

As we announced in Beta, we will reward the citizens that helped us develop and improve the eRepublik Official Wiki:

Q J Lincoln, miniBill, DrogbaPT, Aryamehr, Nicolae Carpathia, Ikenstein, Tigran Jamiro, Seductiv, Esteban Delgado, Joimzhando and AgentChieftain.

Their reward is an Extra storage pack for another month (until December 31, 2008).

Because Michael Collins guessed the launching day of V1 and because he also deserves a Wiki reward, he will receive the Extra storage pack for another 2 months (until January 31, 2008).

Congratulations to all of them and keep up the good work!
The eRepublik Team.

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