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Welcome to the Wiki Translation Project, it seems you've taken the first steps to helping the Wiki gain all it's important information into the 24 language that is needed. If you are reading this tutorial, we are assuming you have checked the requirements, if not, check here. Once you have met all the requirements, check the page and follow the prompts there. If you've never edited a Wiki you will need to follow some basic rules that have been put in place to make the experience much easier for everyone.


Policies are the laws and rules that the Wiki runs by, this ensures an enjoyable experience for you and a moderated community for us make it easier for you to translate pages. The full list of Policies can be found here but we'll do a quick recap here on the behaviour we expect from you and legal issues.

  1. Be nice to others, we're all trying to edit something and make the wiki a useful information source.
  2. Please do not attack, vandalize, harass or continue grudges across to the wiki. Administrators will give you warnings to let you know when/if you've gone too far, if you continue to do so, you will be banned indefinitely and will not be able to edit on the wiki.
  3. Like any other wiki, we have a Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy and a Copyright policy. The main one you should pay attention to is the Copyright policy, you cannot upload something that has a copyright and isn't yours, as well as you cannot take and claim some images on the wiki are yours under the Creative Commons.

The procedure

  1. You will receive a list of missing pages in your language. First, you should go to the English version of the page and copy the content of the whole page. You can edit a page by clicking the edit button on the top of the page
  2. Now go back to the missing page in your language and click the Create a page button on the top of the page and paste the content of the English version of the page.
  3. You can now start translating. Please remember NOT to translate word by word but try to translate by sentences in order for the translation to be better.

Just a tip, to make the experience easier for Administrators to monitor, we ask that you save the page as little as possible as you can clog up the Recent changes section of the wiki, save if you're going to finish the page later, or when you're done! Important Tips

  • Always make sure the language menu {{LangMenu}} is at the top of the page
  • If you're creating links please make sure you use the appropriate format: [[English Page Name/Your Language|Translation]], example: [[Food/Polski|Jedzenie]]
    • ...or use {{L}} template
  • Make sure the page has a language category so that it's categorized properly: type [[Category:Language]], for example [[Category:Italiano]], [[Category:Polski]] . No other categories should be on the page (unless they have been added automatically by a template.
  • Always check for spelling or grammatical mistakes (there are some dictionary add-ons for browsers which will highlight spelling mistakes).
  • Always make sure the content is the same on the translation and the English page, as well that same images in the same places are used.
  • For editing tips visit: Help:Editing

Hopefully now you will be able to start translating. After translating all of the pages please post Talk:2013_Wiki_Translation_Project/Rewards in order to claim your reward for translating.