American Eagle Division

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American Eagle Division

Military Unit-American Eagle Division.png

America's elite fighting force!

General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Total Soldiers 217
Commanded by Ronald Gipper Reagan

The American Eagle division is currently the official militia of the American Freedom Alliance party.


The Beginning

The American Eagle Division was founded on Day 1226 of the New World by Pizza The Hut (now known as Ronald Gipper Reagan). At the time, it was the official military unit of the American Conservative Party, which supported it. Like most partisan military units, it welcomed new members regardless of their actual partisan allegiance. Paladn, "an experienced and capable military officer" according to Pizza, served as its first general.

Division Two

Soon after the American Eagle Division's first deployment, a second unit was created to accommodate more members. This second unit existed until Day 1388 of the New World, when it was disbanded after a game update rendered it unnecessary.


Original AED Ranks

  • General of the Army - Oversees all AED operations.
  • General - Commands a single AED unit.
  • Colonel - Serves as Executive Officer in each AED unit.
  • Major - Reports directly to a Colonel.
  • Captain - Reports directly to a Major.
  • Lieutenant - Reports directly to a Captain.
  • Sergeant - Reports directly to a Lieutenant.
  • Corporal - Reports directly to a Sergeant.
  • Private - Those who cannot yet be admitted due to size restrictions but are in training are admitted as Privates into the AED.

Day 1402 Changes

  • Commander - Oversees all AED regiments and acts as Supreme Commander. Rank of General of the Army.
  • 2nd Commander - Two in the entire military unit responsible for assisting with the direction of military operations or leadership of the unit if the Commander is unavailable. Reports to Commander. Rank of Brigadier General.
  • Captain - Elected every month. One per Regiment. While this is a temporary leadership role, it allows anyone who wishes to take on greater responsibility in our military operation to have the opportunity to do so. Reports to Commander or 2nd Commander. Rank of Colonel.
  • Specialist Officer - An individual may be designated a Specialist Officer if they wish to take a greater role in the operations and improvement of the AED. Rank of Major.
  • Soldier - A standard rank-and-file member of equal status. Rank of Captain.
  • Recruit - 48 hour probationary period upon entering the unit.

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