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Nationality Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech
National rank 27
Date of birth Day 658
Residence Northern Bohemia
Political party The Socialist Party
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Personal History & Attributes

Aslisk was born on day 658 of the new world. He is currently a member of The Socialist Party both in Czech Republic and as an honorary in Britain, at the moment he is situated in Bohemia, Czech Republic. However, he has lived in West Midlands and London, England as well as Pyongyang, North Korea

Builder - SKILL 8 Icon skill strength.gif - STRENGTH OVER 9000


Aslisk is the founder and editor of the Tentacom Times, that is situated in the United Kingdom. Now however ,he is far more prominent, setting up a political paper called the Czech Rep.resentative.


Aslisk Once owned a company named Babolith Labour ltd, situated in the West Midlands, United Kingdom.

It was a Socialist Style business and pioneered into better wages for it's workers, it was short lived and profits could not be maintained especially with the weapon market crash of January 2010, eventually the company was sold in a last effort to generate money.

He is now joint proprietor of the Socialist Bank of England.

Government and Politics

Aslisk is currently a member of The Socialist Party. He is also the Chief Propagandist, Party Vice President and owner and founder of the Socialist Bank


Icon Colonel.jpg Aslisk is a serving Tank driver in the Czech Republic. He has fought over 460 battles before V2.


Aslisk spent his early life campaigning for better wages for lower class workers but unfortunately, his campaigns were to no avail as he joined a succession of small parties that could not retain their numbers. Aslisk has now retained a more stable and happy life in Czech Republic as a politician.

The Socialist Party

A large amount of time has been spent working in the small Socialist Party, he still owns the Socialist Bank however, the good work is on hold!

The New World - Korea

After roughly 280 days living in the UK, Aslisk has moved to North Korea in an attempt to stabilise in a new country and hopefully, turn it around.

V2 - New ties, Czech Republic

Three weeks before V2 began, Aslisk joined the eCzech republic and enjoys a life style of campaigning with the CSP