Bro KillDeer

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Permanently banned
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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth Day 464
Date of death Day 662
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Congress member of Pakistan
Military rank Icon rank Private.png Private
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

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Bro KillDeer was born on February 26th, 2009 in the Punjab region which, at that time, was part of Indonesia. For a while, he worked in this area at Raid Array which was a good job, but the manager Raid always had to be reminded to restock the company with raw materials. Raid Array became defunct for a time.

On The Road - Switzerland & Brazil

KillDeer decided to move to Switzerland to enjoy the mountain air and visit with Theocratic friends. This didn't last long because the price of food was very high and the jobs only paid very small wages. He survived on a government pension from the Theocratic Party for a few months before moving to Brazil.

In Brazil things started to go well. He was making lots of money and also used this money to increase his wellness and purchase a small home. Things weren't completely good in Brazil. Because things were going well for him, KillDeer became a follower of Dio and tried to spread the faith of Dioism to his Brazilian co-workers. These pig disgusting Brazilians were completely unresponsive to the one true faith. Now he had plenty of money, but spiritually he was alone. Life so far away from Dio and the sand's of Pakistan made him depressed.

Returning Home

After KillDeer working for months in the jungles of Northern Brazil, the Righteous Leader Dio returned to Pakistan. This monumental event caused many Dioists to make the pilgrimage back to their homeland of Pakistan to join their brothers in the "Land of Sand". This pilgrimage was also undertaken by KillDeer


On Day 635 of the New World, KillDeer applied to be a candidate for Congress. Party President William Walker was highly intelligent and selected KillDeer as one of the 10 official candidates. A few days later, the votes were tallied and KillDeer had been elected to Congress.


Midday on Day 662 of the New World. Brother KillDeer was found dead in his hotel room in Punjab, Pakistan.

The Grand Council of Dioism

KillDeer was the Prime Minister of The Grand Council of Dioism. The group was created as a public service and hopes to someday be officially organized by the Government of Pakistan. The Grand Council holds a meeting every month to discuss matters of importance to followers Dioism in Pakistan. Any changes can only be authorized by the approval of the Prime Minister himself.

The Council offers donations to followers of Dio who are in need, but also relies on donations from others to keep things running smoothly. Plans are in place to better organize the Council's charity efforts by having a webpage with offers and requests for assistance.


KillDeer is the founding editor of the newspaper Pakistan Broadcasting Corp. Which is a privately owned but publicly funded newspaper. Most of the articles deal with day to day life in Pakistan and the political trials and tribulations of the followers of Dio.