Charter of Banana

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In the name of everything, undersigned Dictators agree to the formation of an alliance to do as we do every night; troll the world. All nations signed here stand as equals, bound by Serfdom and bananas. The goal of the alliance is getting rid of the world filth, dull imperialist pigs who are killing this game and human trash with fake morals. All our objectives will be achieved through combat orders and comradery.

I. Definitions

The alliance shall be known as Banana Alliance or in short Banana.

II. Members

  • All founding Banana Republics signing below shall be considered members of the alliance
  • Countries can become a member through a unanimous vote of already present country-members
  • Countries will have no privileges
  • Countries can be removed by the unanimous vote of other country-members

III. Alliance Leadership

There is none.

IV. Appointments

All countries are allowed to appoint as many serfs as they want to represent them in the alliance but every country will only have 1 vote in decision making


Icon-UK.png Dictator of the Banana Republik (the UK): Ser Fartsalot
Icon-Cyprus.png Dictator of the Banana Republik (Cyprus): Mithrantir

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