Crimson News

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Crimson News


General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Language Swedish/English
Owner Adam Maxe
Subscribers 27
Articles 31
Content Politics and Role-playing

Crimson News, formerly known as Stugbygds-Kuriren, are Adam Maxe's own newspaper. Adam writes about his adventures around the world and uses the paper to publish his manifest for Swedish elections.

Name Stugbygds-Kuriren comes from Adam's in-game location which is a small village in Gotland. He lives there with his wife Eva and enjoys it so much that he renamed his newspaper from "Red freedom" to "Stugbygds-Kuriren".

His newspaper describe the New World, stories about his friends and fellow citizens who he likes, his goals for elections, and sometimes he mixes a lot of "Role-Playing" to his articles when he feels that it raises the fun of game.