Dutch Peoples Party

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Dutch People's Party

Party-Dutch Peoples Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation DPP
Website [1]
Newspaper The Red Decade
Colors Red
Founded Day 1824
Nov 17, 2012
Dissolved Around Day 2291
Feb 27, 2014
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeds Geuzen Partij Nederland
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Divide

Late 2010 most parties were suffering from PTO's from Croatians. Poland and Serbia invaded the Netherlands in beginning of 2011 and wiped it of the map multiple times, resulted that all parties were moved, thus creating the opportunity for the Dutch to create 1 party for a short period of time United Netherlands Party (Verenigd Nederland), in order to counter any future PTO's.

The United Netherlands Party was founded in January 2011 by Garmr with the goal to unify the country. A long time ago there was Northern Netherlands (Netherlands) and Southern Netherlands (Belgium). North was a Socialist paradise, citizens were all equal to each other. The South was a Capitalist state under the rule of a Spanish dictator. North decided to liberate the people of South Netherlands under the name of "The United Netherlands". Everyone was happy and even French speaking people happily joined the United Netherlands Party. ThomasRed became leader of the new state.

But then Poland called up the EDEN forces and a force from different countries decided to attack the United Netherlands! The EDEN forces were too strong and occupied South Netherlands. This was the moment they decided to march to the capital of Amsterdam. All citizens of the United Netherlands did their best to defend their capital, but they drew closer and closer. Luckily Chinese voluntaries came and the EDEN forces were pushed back again. It was decided between the big countries that North and South Netherlands were to be divided again and the people of South Netherlands were under occupation by EDEN forces.

The Unity

The dividing of the nation was the reason that members of the Dutch Peoples Party have always disliked negotiations with the Imperialists. The people wanted peace and imperialists to divide and occupy the country.

The United Netherlands Party was disbanded and a new party`s were founded on its remains.

All great things start out small

In May 2011 the Geuzen Partij Nederland was founded by Jacob van den Guldenweege. One member in particular was very active on the political front and became Party President within a few months. Mr. Sphere was leader of the party from August 2011 till the end of November 2011, after a brief period of being an obedient citizen he decided it was time for a change!

Time for a change!

On the 16th of May 2012 a new party emerged as eRepublik citizen Mr. Sphere thought it was time for some change!

He started a new party called the Dutch Patriot Party with an announcement on the forums. Joan Derk was the person who inspired him to start a new political movement in Netherlands by that name. It was their purpose to make eRepublik a fun experience for everyone. A party that goes back to the core of how politics need to be driven, a party that makes sure the influence on Netherlands lies with the People of Netherlands.

Fun, respect and equality will be our core values.

Party-Dutch Patriot Party.jpg

Fusing for a greater good

After some time of coöperation with the Dutch Labour Party it was decided that both party`s should join forces and become the The Peoples Party. Shortly after fusing into one party it was decided to rename the party to Dutch Peoples Party[2].

We where stronger than ever and ready for the future.

Party-Dutch Peoples Party v2.png

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
January 2011 Antiko
February 2011 Antiko + Garmr
March 2011 Garmr
April 2011 -unknown-
Geuzen Partij Nederland
May 2011 Jacob van den Guldenweege
Juni 2011 Jacob van den Guldenweege
Juli 2011 Jacob van den Guldenweege
Augustus 2011 Mr. Sphere
September 2011 Mr. Sphere
October 2011 Mr. Sphere
November 2011 Mr. Sphere
Party-Dutch Peoples Party.pngDutch Patriot Party
May 2012 Mr. Sphere
June 2012 Mr. Sphere
July 2012 Mr. Sphere
August 2012 Mr. Sphere
September 2012 Mr. Sphere
October 2012 Mr. Sphere
Dutch Peoples Party
November 2012 Marnix Maximus
December 2012 Marnix Maximus
United Netherlands Party
January 2013 Kordak
February 2013 Kordak
March 2013 Gwom
April 2013 Kordak
May 2013 Kordak
June 2013 Kordak
July 2013 Gwom
August 2013 Gwom
September 2013 Gwom
Dutch Peoples Party
October 2013 Gwom
February 2014 Gwom Attempt to merge with Dutch Revolutionary Party[3]