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The ERX Logo

ERX is a stock exchange that allows citizens of eRepublik to invest into companies through buying and selling their shares. It will allow anyone to become a stock trader, and any company owner to list their companies or organizations, no matter how small or large.

The project was spearheaded by Big Brother and was first announced on July 21, 2008. It was officially released on March 24th 2010 after facing delays due to the eRepublik API and is currently operated by t'jelle, which is owned by AidenAstrup.

In December 2010, the ERX Stock Market went broke and many people lost the gold they invested in it.

Benefits to Organizations

  • raise immediate capital to expand or upgrade by selling shares.
  • offer stock options to employees.
  • dramatically increase the networth of your company.

Benefits to Citizens

  • invest into companies, and watch your money grow.
  • receive dividends paid out in gold.
  • speculate right, and become super rich.


  • real time stock values.
  • real time stock performance graphs.
  • long term or short term stock performance (24hr/week/month/all).
  • detailed stock info (volume, highest/lowest trading price & more).
  • company information and news articles/publications.
  • ability to give shares to other users.
  • ...and many other features!

Beta Testing

Until September 30th, 2008 citizen could register for the beta testing period of ERX which has not yet been conducted. Registration is now closed, with 233 people having signed up.


AidenAstrup contacted BigBrother about financing ERX and expanding the features offered. BigBrother accepted and began work on the features requested by AidenAstrup. Aiden was able to secure additional funding from the US Treasury and gain the support of the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) which agreed to audit companies listed on ERX. All operations (deposits, audits, etc) are run by t'jelle as well as the handling of ERX finances.

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The ERX went broke in December 2010 and many citizens/organisations lost a huge lot of money. t'jelle lost many hundreds of gold and got the biggest losses.