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Elite eItaliana

Elite eItaliana.png

Massicci e Incazzati

General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Total Soldiers 100
Commanded by IIILupinIII
1st Regiment Captain TheBest86
3rd Regiment Captain Ruthergnol
4th Regiment Captain Simone N

The uniform of Elite eItaliana.


The Italian Elite was created in 2010, on March 5, eDay 843.


The Italian Elite is controlled by its Commander-in-Chief, was under the command of the Italian President till August 2011, date of the big scission, where the Italian President in charge, Riccardo Quarta and its cabinet refused to give the command to Mapplna, as the whole Elite group requested. After this, the eItalian Elite transferred to Croatia, to be part of the paramilitary groups from Croatia, thanks to the invitation of Radens and Zdlemmy. It still keeps the name, that was coined by Citizen Cane, and the Italian flag colors.


The requirements to enlist in Elite eItaliana were the highest out of all the Italian military divisions. You must have strength greater than 4000 and minimum rank of Colonel or you need to be able to inflict more than 2000 damage with a Q5 weapon. The requirements were:

Strength Rank Damage Q5 Activity IRC
4000 Colonel 2000 Very High Yes


Commander Length of Service
Mapplna April 10 2011 - N/A
IIILupinIII 2020 (estimated)

Combat History

War Versus
World War V ONE


Since Elite eItaliana was a semipublic military unit until August 2011, it was granted with some National Organizations.
Here is the list:

# NO name
1 Banca elvetica
2 Cyan Color Ltd
3 Corpo d'Elite
4 Quartier Generale Elite
5 Elite Stock 1
6 elite stock 2
7 Elite Stock 4
8 Elite Stock 3
9 Elite Stock 5
10 Elite Stock 6
11 Elite Stock 7
12 Elite Stock 8
13 Elite Stock 9
14 Elite Stock 10
15 Elite Stock 11
16 Elite Stock 12
17 Elite Stock 13