Fenian Brotherhood

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Fenian Brotherhood

Party-Fenian Brotherhood.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation FB
Forum [1]
Colors Green
Founded December 23, 2010
Dissolved 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Popular Liberation Front
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Fenian Brotherhood was a political party of Ireland.

The Fenian Brotherhood (Bráithreachas na bhFíníní) was created after a dark day in Irish History. The military of the United Kingdom forcibly erased Ireland from the map. The Irish military eventually seized the day hours later, giving a new future to Ireland. The Party was founded by Ariovistus, the resistance hero of the Irish forces in Dublin. For a short time the Party was called the Popular Liberation Front, however when the resistance was later completed it was changed to reflect that.

The Party was founded in the attempt to create new horizons in Irish politics and to embellish the soldiers of the Resistance. The goals of the Party are to bring about change in Ireland so the failures of the previous partisan politics cease forever. The Party wishes to espouse a belief in a market economy without the total abolition of some public industry. Most of all it wishes to work within the confines of individual liberty and to protect the liberty of the nation.