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Grad 2.png

Ожидаются осадки, возможен град

General Information
Country Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Region Urals
Access policy invitation
Total Soldiers 257
Commanded by rip the system
2nd EvGeniy FarEastern
Commanders Slava
1st Regiment Captain ellant
2nd Regiment Captain sleft
3rd Regiment Captain Dr.Watson
8th Regiment Captain gwend
13th Regiment Captain Kurumine

GRAD is one of the oldest active military units in Icon-Russia.png Russia. GRAD from the beginning was a fully professional formation. In Armed Forces, this has ensured the highest possible degree of training and preparation for different tasks in the country and beyond its borders (including in North Korea and Switzerland).

Commander of the unit is rip the system, while 2nd Commander the post of second commander is occupied by EvGeniy FarEastern and Slava.

GRAD is also one of the top 3 strongest units in Russia[1].

Icon skill strength.gifTop 5 Strength

Country Name Strenght
Icon-Russia.png Russia EvGeniy FarEastern 362,928
Icon-USA.png USA Slava 356,021
Icon-Russia.png Russia rip the system 341,437
Icon-Russia.png Russia 4eh0nte 328,782
Icon-Russia.png Russia bamsic 327,682

Icon rank Legends.pngTop 5 Military rank

Country Name Military rank
Icon-Russia.png Russia rip the system Legends of Russia: Vladmir of HueHueLand Battalion XX
Icon-USA.png USA Slava Legends of USA: Gnilraps Battalion XX
Icon-Russia.png Russia 4eh0nte Legends of Russia: Vladmir of HueHueLand Battalion X
Icon-Russia.png Russia sleft Legends of Russia: Mr Alexei Battalion VI
Icon-Russia.png Russia SergejK Legends of Russia: Kolya Battalion IV

Air chief marshal 5.pngTop 5 Aircraft rank

Country Name Aircraft rank
Icon-USA.png USA Slava Air Vice Marshal
Icon-Russia.png Russia rip the system Air Commodore *
Icon-Russia.png Russia EvGeniy FarEastern Air Commodore *
Icon-Russia.png Russia ellant Air Commodore
Icon-Russia.png Russia 4eh0nte Group Captain *****


Logos used by the unit: