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Nationality Flag-Russia.jpg Russian
National rank 7
Date of birth 26 July,2008
Residence Kaliningrad, Russia
New York, USA
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

GeekyGator was the citizen of USA who now resides in Russia.


GeekyGator was a economist and politician in the USA. He has served 3 terms as Economic Adviser under Archibald and Immunogenic, one term as Libertarian Party president, and one term plus a few days as a congressman in the US. In Russia, he has served as a CDP congressman for several months.

GeekyGator left with the end of the Beta, but returned on February 5, 2009.
Last party in which he was a member was Constitutional Democrats.


GeekyGator is most known for his economic analysis and instrumental role in the ousting of Martin Sunter. He publishes The Dismal Science.

GeekyGator started GeekyGator Industries and its subsidiary, GeekyGator wood. In addition, he run GeekyGator Industries TN and its subsidiary, GeekyGator Wood TN.


GeekyGator has achieved a military rank of Icon rank Commander**.png Commander** and has received one Super Soldier medal during his military service. He served as a soldier in the Red Army.

Bring Back The Lulz

Bring Back The Lulz is a campaign started in the United States of America by GeekyGator and others in an attempt to fight the seriousness that currently plagues the country.[1]