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Greyhound Times

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Owner Dorian Greyhound
Founded 24 January 2010
Subscribers 8
Articles 15
Content Random

The Greyhound Times is a newspaper in the United Kingdom created and administered by Dorian Greyhound.


The Newspaper was created on 24th January 2010. Its purpose being that of communicating Dorian Greyhound's thoughts and activities to the eUK and the New World. In the first article, the editor referred to Greyhound Times as an 'information post' and claimed that collecting votes and subscriptions for the newspaper was not his priority or ultimate goal.

The Greyhound Initiative

The first article after the editor's introduction launched the Greyhound Initiative. The editor himself describes this as a 'desperate ploy to get gold'. In it, he asks for donations of gold by anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn't want the gold they have. In return, he would provide them with a thank you note in the next article and an advertising opportunity. The gold collected would be used towards starting up Greyhound's first company.

In the subsequent issue, Greyhound joked that the initiative was a huge success. In actual fact, no gold was donated.

The Greyhound Initiative was referenced again in the newspaper's 12th issue when Greyhound announced the launch of Greyhound Holdings.


The third article introduced two new segments, the first of which was 'On...'. This would be a semi-regular feature which would discuss random topics on eRepublik. The topic would be featured in the article's title for example "On...Chat Rooms" and would be the main article for the edition. The first time this segment was featured, a glitch occurred which deleted the entire third edition and it had to be rewritten. In the second version, the press director included a note of apology if the readers felt that the quality of the writing had suffered as a result of the edition having to be rewritten from memory.

Topics discussed so far:

  1. Chat Rooms
  2. United Kingdom Reform Party
  3. Wellness Packs

Did You Know?

Did You Know? was the second new segment introduced in the third article. This is scheduled to be included at the end of every subsequent article. The editor describes the segment as a space to provide "completely made-up facts in the hopes that an internet cult will gather to support them".

The aim of the segment is to provide a source of humour, which the newspaper as a whole promotes and attempts to include in all articles. The exception to this rule was in his Congressional Manifesto article.

An Interview With...

The seventh article introduced the 'An Interview With...' segment. This will feature random interviews from time to time with approximately five questions per interview. Like the 'On...' segment, whenever this is featured it will be the focal segment with the edition being named after it. However, it will not be a regular feature and will only appear sparingly.

Congressional Aspirations

Greyhound announced his congressional aspirations in the seventh edition. A manifesto was submitted the eighth edition which was a special article devoted solely to the congressional elections. In it he introduces himself and provides background on what he's done since joining eRepublik as well as looks to the future with what he hopes to do if nominated by the party and elected to Congress by the people.

Greyhound Holdings

The Greyhound Times officially launched Greyhound Holdings, an organisation which would hold all of Dorian Greyhound future companies. The newspaper itself, would serve as the official newspaper of the organisation rather than creating a new newspaper for the organisation.