House of Andron

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House of Andron
Kabahayan ng Andron
Royal Arms of the House of Andron.png
Coat of arms
Royal Flag of the House of Andron.png
Country Philippines Philippines
Region Luzon
Foundation 20 February 2013
Dissolution 26 February 2014
Founder Jon873
Titles Count of Panatag Shoal

The House of Andron (Filipino: Kabahayan ng Andron) was a royal house in the Philippines.


Royal standard of the House of Andron (2013–2020)

Count of Panatag Shoal

Portrait Name Reign Arms
Citizen4267647.png His Highnesss
20 February 2013 – 26 February 2014
(1 year and 6 days)
Royal Arms of the House of Andron.png


Name Title(s) Date joined
His Highness
Count of Panatag Shoal
Gat ng Kulumpol ng Panatag
20 February 2013