Hunyadi Század

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Hunyadi Szazad

Hunyadi Szazad.jpg

Állami zsold-kredit beváltó gazdasági csoportosulás.

General Information
Founded June 2009
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Total Soldiers 55
Commanded by kisferi314
2nd Commander Krulla

The Hunyadi (originally named Hunyadi Század Eng. Hunyadi Company) is part of the Hungarian military.


The first call for members appeared in the Newspaper_Foldalatti_OSZtag_jelenti by kecsegm.

Nacil, a senior officer of MATASZ was chosen to lead the new company. Members from the reserve unit and other high ranking officers came together during the next week and started their operations, including offensive maneuvers in The Great Liberation of Vojvodina.



  1. Invitation from the Commander
  2. Activity in chat rooms from 19 to 21 hours
  3. Stable economic conditions
  4. Be able to fight abroad at any time

Military Records

The company was deployed in Serbia from Day 583 during the war between Serbia and Croatia. The unit excelled in the battlefields of Raska and Eastern Serbia.