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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank 519
Date of birth September 10 2011
Residence South West of England, France
Sex Male
Political party UKRP
Newspaper Liberal Times
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

iGuy is citizen of UK.

iGuy spent most of his life inside the UK. He has been in France, Sweden and Canada.


In the beginning he was a Party Member for the UK Reform Party, until quite recently when he changed to the UK Progression Party. In mid-July he rejoined the UK Reform Party. He has participated in some elections but never got very far. He came 2nd in the December UKPP PP elections, and 4th in the January PP elections.


At the start of his military life, iGuy joined many Military Units, but had no idea what they were. After having joined the UKRP, he joined next their MU. After he left the UKRP he joined the UKPP Pride MU. After UKPP Pride was considered defunct, he changed to Liberty and then now to the Royal Navy. He has fought many wars and has achieved the Military Rank of Lt Colonel


On November 5th 2011, he created an Informal Organization: Lionbite. With the inspiration of other Companies, he started the option to buy shares of his company.

During late September 2011, there was a brief period of serious inactivity. He restarted playing early October. On the fifth of December 2011, he joined IRC.

From February 2012 onwards, iGuy ceased to fight in order to maximise profits. Arguably, what he did was quite silly, and since then he has only moved 5 Army ranks forwards. He does, however, fight occasionally, yet he his very weak for a citizen of his age.