i Eleftheri apopsi

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i Eleftheri apopsi

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General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Owner foivos1
Founded July 2009
Subscribers 408 (May 2015)
Articles 468

i Eleftheri apopsi (Greek: Η ελευθερη άποψη, English: the free opinion) is a Greek newspaper. It has many readers in Greece an many of it's articles reached the top articles of the country. It is one of the non-govermental newspapers with the most articles and the most articles per day in greece and in the world.

The newspaper is clearly a left-wing newspaper and in this newspaper many articles have been written, many of them with strong political opinion, hard critics and flaming ideological speeches. Its editor is foivos1.

Through this newspaper CST, a team made by the newspaper's editor to help Cyprus get in eRepublic, was controlled. Many articles about politics, economics and war have been published too. All of the editors predictions about the world war 3 have turned out right. It's editor has predicted the turn out of the war from the second battle of the world war-at washington. In this newspaper many information has been published about the economics of all the world.

The editor many times does deep analysis about economy and war.

2 articles of other people than the editor have been published.

The highest place at the rating in greece was 11.

An article about a worker's rights (article no. 101) has changed many things in the country about fire and payment of the workers. With this article 77 people have subscribed. It was the first article to reveal a scandal about working conditions.

Till now the highest amount of votes was 120 and number of subscribers passed 1000.