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India First

Party-India First.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-India.jpg India
Abbreviation IF
Colors White (For Peace)
Founded November 2008
Dissolved Summer 2017 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

History of the party in short

4 December 2008: India First is a political party in India. It was created by BroodRoosterNL and dionysus to offer an alternative to India's political parties that still had strong links with the fatherlands of their members. It was created 11 hours before the presidential election because of which dionysus who ran for the presidency on 5 December 2008 could not succeed against the bigger parties.

16 December 2008: On this day srachit became party president. His party presidency was supported by the two founders of the party. The party at that time only had 8 people but it soon grew to 36 after srachit took over.

5 January 2009: Success followed 5 January when srachit became the president of India, winning 32 votes against 30 votes for Didio from Democratic League.

15 January 2009: Day of elections and last day of srachit in office, members at that time were 36.

16 January 2009 srachit announced he would not run for party presidency this time, because he faced a busy period. dionysus became the new party president with no other candidates running as it was pre-decided by the party that he would be our next party president.

5 February 2009: Success for India First for a second time with Dionysus winning presidential elections with 41 votes while the other candidate i.e Didio had received only 11 votes

15 February 2009: Last day of Dionysus in office as party president. Members at that time were about 42.

16 February 2009: BroodRoosterNL takes office as party president. Without having to face any other candidate.

5 March 2009: BroodRoosterNL is India First's next presidential candidate. There are 59 members in the party at the time of its dissolution.

After his rule, the party fell in crisis. Members started to go down. The Party was affected by the birth of new parties like Yuuva India and the Indian Comrades Party. After a long time in July 2013, Lysander Spooner II won the party elections and started to bring the party back into Glory.

6 August 2013: Srachit took the Chair of the President of India after winning against A candidate from the leading party. Srachit who was a candidate of India First gave hope to all its members that the party is growing. This was the first great victory India First had had since 2 years almost.

16 August 2013: ANANTHAKRISHNAN, the former Secretary General of the Indian Comrades Party, took over as the Party President. He was the official candidate and easily won the polls. Under him, the party became more organised and powerful. He was able to make a good relationship with all other parties and India First started to grow.

6 October 2013: Lysander Spooner II won the Presidential elections after easily winning the party elections month earlier.

16 October 2013: ANANTHAKRISHNAN took over as Party President again as the Single Official Candidate with the aim of further strengthening the Party Ties with all other Political Parties of the nation. India First was a growing Sensation among the citizens of India.

From October 2013, it was ANANTHAKRISHNAN long rule. Once tomcrouse got in, and thrice Lysander was the President, but from June 2014 till January 2015, for 8 months in a row, ANANTHAKRISHNAN has been the President, thus creating a record for most number of terms as PP of an active party in India by having 13 Terms and still being in power as of January. The IF went through a lot and has already made themselves a big noticed player. They have been part of a lot of major decisions and discussions which all has further strengthened the base of the party, even though, inactivity of many citizens took a big toll in the party during some months.


Main motto: India is India. Every citizen in India is to be regarded Indian, regardless of their country of origin.


  • The government should support the full development of the Indian economy. The Indian economy is a free-market economy with limited government support.
  • To keep our citizens alive, food is needed. Therefore the Indian government should support food companies if food supply reaches a dangerously low level.
  • Wellness is important for production, so the ministry of Internal Affairs should try to keep wellness of the active citizens at a decent level.
  • The government can also start companies in certain industries to provide jobs and goods if the market doesn't provide these to Indian people.
  • Foreign investors should also be lured to start companies in India. It will give genuine Indian companies and genuine Indian products with Indian employees.
  • Import tax should be high enough to protect the Indian companies. It depends on the product how high it should be. Import tax can be low for products that are not available in the Indian market.
  • Export is also an important factor to improve the Indian economy. India has the raw materials and by exporting, companies will earn gold for more investments in India.
  • The Indian Government Bank can help Indian companies with export licenses and by offering money exchange.
  • The Indian Government Bank will remain the bank of the Government and is managed by the President and the Minister of Economics.

Media and society

  • The Ministry of Media & Culture will publish articles with competitions in Indian media, to try and increase activity in India and also offer a fun activity for the Indian people.
  • The Ministry of Media & Culture can also publish articles in other countries to inform them about Incredible India. It might lure investors and citizens to our great country.
  • The Ministry of Media & Culture should publish a weekly report about what the different ministries have done during the last week. This to better inform the people of India.
  • The eIndia forum must be promoted with all Indians to get a lively and active Indian community.

Defense and International affairs

  • India should try to remain a neutral country in a world divided by two big alliances.
  • India is still a small country. Once the economy develops, we could ask for hospitals and defense systems from other countries. Creating these companies in India is useless, because it costs a lot of gold and money to start up and to maintain.
  • Our military should be organized but should mainly be used for defending our country. Our country cannot afford to lose valuable employees to foreign wars.
  • Despite being a neutral country, we should seek out an alliance with another neutral country in the so called Joint Forces. In case of need, soldiers from these countries will help out to protect the independence and neutrality of the country.
  • We should invest in our relations with strong countries, so they can help us if needed.


  • Our party seeks political unity. A parliament should be formed consisting of the biggest parties and dividing Ministries to adequate people from whichever party. People from all parties can become Minister.
  • Our government should write a constitution in which the rights of every Indian citizen are assured. It should also prevent people from misusing their political power for personal gain.
  • India should have the following Ministries, all with their own tasks:

Ministry of Economics

  • Keep an eye on inflation/deflation
  • Ensure there are jobs for any citizen
  • Keep an eye on the availability of raw materials on the Indian market
  • Ensure Indian companies get priority on the Indian market
  • Govern the Indian Government Bank

Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • Offer gifts to active citizens who work daily but have low wellness
  • Write the constitution with a group of active citizens from all political parties
  • Mediate between several people or parties in conflict to prevent it from escalating

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Improve relations with other countries for the safety of India
  • Keep an eye on our neighbours
  • Start embassies in other countries

Ministry of Defense

  • Organise the military of India

Ministry of Media & Culture

  • Start competitions in Indian media to improve the activity of the Indian community
  • Help new people in getting to know this game and India
  • Publish weekly articles informing the Indian people about the government activities
  • Publish articles in other countries to inform about Incredible India.