Keykeeper Rules of the Netherlands

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(updated on Day 4,148)

Article 1 – Tasks of the Keykeeper

  • 1. The Keykeeper is the warden of the passwords and documents of all governmental organizations of the eNetherlands.
  • 2. The Keykeeper will change all of these passwords once a new presidential term of the eNetherlands begins.
  • 3. The Keykeeper will provide officials access to the appropriate organizations and its documents linked to their job, once they assume office.
  • 4. The Keykeeper may never provide the login details to DNB.

Article 2 – Appointment of the Keykeeper

  • 1. The Keykeeper is appointed by the Congress of the eNetherlands for an unspecified time period by the debating and voting procedures laid down in Chapter II, Articles 6, 7 and 8, with the exception that it needs a two-thirds majority to pass.
  • 2. The Keykeeper can leave office by resigning, or by removal from office by Congress, as laid down in Chapter II, Article 8.2 of the Lawbook of the eNetherlands.
  • 3. The outgoing Keykeeper will stay in office until a successor has been appointed.

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