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Nationality Flag-Italy.jpg Italian
Date of birth 17th October 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Rome
Sex Male
Newspaper Papersera
Congress member of Italy
25 October 2008 – 25 January 2009
Director of Italian Embassies of Italy
5 October 2008 – 5 December 2008
Military unit Elite eItaliana
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kurapica was a citizen of Italy.

He worked to translate tutorials from English to Italian on Erepublik Wiki. His work was recognized by Q J Lincoln on 13 November 2008.

 ... you did all of the tutorials in Italian! That is quite an achievement! I either wrote, edited, or added graphics to most of the pages in English!  
(QJ Lincoln; 16:59, 13 November 2008 (EET))


He was born in October 2008 and joined a party called Italia Dei Valori, for this Party he is responsible for the creation of a charter.

During November 2008, kurapica has been hired into the Foreign Office as Responsible of Italian Embassies. He acted during this month and done a hard reorganization.

On the 25 November 2008, he has been voted as a Congress member of Italia Dei Valori, during his office he proposed and approved the following law:

  • Transparency law, for better transparency in congress.


He was a soldier in the Bologna Division, 3a Armata eItaliana.

Because of he's activities about politics, Kurapica is involved only in defence of Italy and MPP ally. He fought in the following wars:

  • Hungary vs Romania (World War I)
  • Chur (Romanic speaking) resistance war, on the Italian side.



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