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Guidelines for Lawmakers

In respect of debates and laws created by Parliament, the United Kingdom has used forums, the eRepublik Wikipedia, and Google Docs to maintain laws and operating procedures since 2008. This has included a Constitution which was used during the time of the eUK's constitutional Dictatorship.

Today, the eUK only keeps guidelines on the smooth running of Congress Debates, which seeks to ensure all parties can be heard and that any ideas, motions or issues can be resolved by a vote even if there is no corresponding in-game vote to resolve it. These discussions relate to Congress's role as a balance of power to the executive, and so largely the discussions concern governance, the direction of the eUK, and how best to use their in-game powers.

The guidelines used are posted to Congress at the start of each term and representatives are invited to re-approve or challenge them. The current text of the guidelines used is:

Presently, in place of a formal Statute Book, the eUK Congress follows a set of guidelines that it approves at the opening of each Congress. This is intended to structure discussions and ensure any debates are resolved if they cannot be done so via an in-game administration vote.

Current Congressional guidelines

Congress members may vote how they please on proposals.[1]

Citizenship requests should only be approved following a 48-hour joint discussion and vote in favour. This begins after a report on the applicant is provided to Congress or when there are only 48 hours left on the expiry of the application. The report will include anything found from basic checks of the applying profile and a statement from the applicant about reasons for applying and if they have eUK contacts/sponsors.

If a debate requests a vote that cannot be done via the Country Admin module then:

- Two Congress sponsors in addition to the proposer are needed within the debating period to move it to a vote.

- Votes and sponsorships by a CM are valid only if that CM is still part of the Assembly when the votation ends/the proposal is put at vote[2].

- That vote should not begin within the first 24hrs of the debate and will last 2 or 3 days (depending on size of debate).

- The voting period will be communicated at the onset of a vote.

The duties of the Speaker should be undertaken impartially. Additionally, a Congressperson's status as a speaker shouldn't be used to promote parties. Speaker elections can be held when a proposer has the required number of sponsors outlined above. A nomination period for speakers cannot open until at least 7 days have passed since the conclusion of the previous speaker election (RON is not considered a conclusion). Please respect the outcome of votes.

President's votes are not counted except for in the in-game proposals they are able to participate in.

A Visualisation of the processes - click to enlarge

Congress' Newspaper

"The Speakers Chair" is the official newspaper of the Speaker and is used to update the citizens. It can be found here.


  1. Updated in January 2024 after the rejection of the proposal "About donation laws". For future purposes, this modification has been interpreted as follows: freedom of vote is always granted; only electors on the 5th and the 25th of the month can judge the work of an elected CM; no proposals can be made in future if they limit the freedom of vote of a CM. For further information read this article - Latest from Congress
  2. Updated in January 2024. For further information read this article - Latest from Congress


Record of in-game voting

This is the list of laws voted by the President, the Congress or the Dictator of United Kingdom, throughout history.

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